Lego Universe has announced the launch of its latest expansion, Ninjago

NinjaGo the latest ninja themed expansion of LEGO Universe, arrives to the world to the game.

In this new expansion, players can look forward to a new level cap of 45, over one hundred new missions, and both familiar and fresh new Ninjago faces.

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“LEGO devotees are already closely connected to the world of Ninjago thanks to the toys and the film Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu,” explains Jordan Itkowitz, Design Director of LEGO Universe. “With this new addition to the LEGO Universe family of worlds, we’re giving our players free reign to bring their creations to life in a world they already know and love.”
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In the new instance, players can also team up with three fellow ninjas to take on Frakjaw in a heated battle in the Fire Shrine, and protect the Sword of Fire from his evil clutches in this Ninjas vs Skeletons fight. also the players can stroll through the Monastery Courtyard to meet new and old friends, solve puzzles in the idyllic Four Gardens of Spinjitzu to claim protective Dragon relics, or complete challenges and learn new skills in the Four Dojo of Spinjitzu.

The new weapons, eight new skeletons to fight, and tons of new gear, supplies and cool mysteries to solve create a complex and imaginative world for players to explore.

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