Legends of Honor Officially Released

Goodgame Studios releases today its latest browser-based medieval strategy game, Legends of Honor, a game where three factions fights for glory and honor. The game is available worldwide in 20 languages and it features an interactive world map.

We already published a review and a first look video, so you might want to check them out.

In Legends of Honor players collect resources, upgrade their fortresses and expand their rule in a medieval setting, moving freely through the interactive world map, exploring and fighting in real time. The map provides many tactical considerations. Terrain types influence armies in battle, so commanders must be careful when placing units.

And it's all about honor. Players can earn it in battles. The more honor player collect, the mightier honor ranks and units they will unlock. However, they can also slose honor points by attacking considerably weaker opponents or by leaving their faction.

Legends of honor launch screenshots F2P4 Legends of honor launch screenshots F2P1 Legends of honor launch screenshots F2P2 Legends of honor launch screenshots F2P3

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Source: Goodgame Studios Press Release

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