League of Angels Heaven’s Fury Free Giveaway

YOOZOO Games join to F2P.com for all the new users to win this Free Codes for League of Angels Heaven’s Fury.

Each code include; items / number / Value(gold)/ Total (Gold)
• 100 Pink Diamonds / 5/4/20
• Escort Keepsake / 2 /10/20
• Equipment Enchancement Stone/10/1/10
• 50.000 Diamonds/5/10/50

Diamonds: Can be used to upgrade various systems
Pink Diamonds: Can be used to upgrade various systems
Escort Keepsake: Use to increase quest tier in an event
Revive Stone: An item that brings you back from the brink
Equipment Enhancement Stone:Essential for Equipment Enhancement

To get your FREE Package simply follow the instructions:

Step 1. Never miss a giveaway by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Step 2. Go to League of Angels Heaven's Fury in order to create a new account. Reach lv.32, the Bonus Hall will be unlocked.

Step 3. Enter your giftcode at Bonus Hall - Activation Code. Redeem it and have fun the game.

New Hero landing in Heaven’s Fury

League of Angels - Heaven’s Fury has been out for 3 months. In this time, we’ve seen loads of events and gameplay, but the game still doesn’t stop with new items, including new Wings, a new Outfit and a new Mount being released in July.

But more than that, a famous Hero will be landing in Heaven’s Fury! Many players know her, she is Alecta!

In addition, Heaven’s Fury has added a new multiplayer mode - Sundered Sky for players to get better equipment and rare cultivation items!

There are also new systems coming in July, through which players can increase their BR, such as Divine Work, Stars System and Forge-Equipment Awakening system.

It seems that if you want to unlock all of these systems, you will need to reach a high level! But don’t worry, we have prepared a gift code for all players to help! This will help you not only get stronger but also level up quickly!

Source; Yoozoo Games - League of Angels Heaven's Fury

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    Hi as we see is not any Key, we finished it

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