Krosmaster Arena Launches Today

Ankama's newest title -Krosmaster Arena- is now available on PC, Mac and Linux. This new free to play strategy game has its origins as a physical board game inspired by the turn-based gameplay of Wakfu and Dofus. Watch how it comes to life in the new released trailer:

The game mixes 3D board-battles with collectible 3D heroes. It features both a single player PvE campaign and competitive online multiplayer. It offers 130 hero figurines to collect and countless ways to form teams to dominate the board. And it's a great deal to collectors, since players can also pick up physical figurines.

Krosmaster launch F2P1 Krosmaster launch F2P2 Krosmaster launch F2P3 Krosmaster launch F2P4

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Source: Ankama press release.

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