IronSight New Update

IronSight new update

New Content in IronSight today Aeria Games update these changes on the game.

SpringCleaning IronSight

Feature Updates & Bugfixes


You can now set a password for your custom matches (12 letters maximum).
Party chat functionality is now available inside a match.
Automatic battlepoint gain decreased from 450 to 300 points per minute.
Report Player function temporarily removed. The report tool will be reworked and won't be used in-game until it's fixed.
Camera rotation upon match start added. Players can now look around while other players are loading.
Profanity Filter Updated.
Allied Nametags improved: Nametags of allies no longer visible behind cover.
Loadout Attachments changes. Attachement and tuning equipment that cannot be used on the currently selected weapon cannot be selected anymore.
Escape key can be used while opening boxes to return to the previous menu.
Matchmaking waiting room time increased from 40 to 60 seconds.
Weapon inspection animation added. Press "B" during a match to trigger the Weapon Inspection animation. The character will inspect the item he's currently holding. Firing, aiming, proning, reloading or running cancels the animation. If you assign a keybinding to the "B" key, the inspect feature will not be available until you free the key again.

Balance Changes

The Spring Cleaning content update comes with our very first wave of weapon balancing. Wiple Games balances the game using game data and weapon statistics first, but we also pay attention to player feedback. Please note that there will be more balancing in future updates. Do not hesitate to keep sending us more feedback on the forums!

+10% Vertical Recoil control increased for the following weapons: HK417, M39, CF-X50, PSG, SVD.
CF-X50 Magazine size expansion increased from 5 to 8 bullets.
CF-X50 max bullet amount increased from 30 to 32 bullets.
AR-57 Headshot Damage multiplier reduced.

Bug Fixes

EMP Launcher can now lock on a Storm Shield.
EMP Launcher missile visual shot corrected. The missile will now shoot from within the weapon.
Fixed a reload cancellation on bolt action rifles.
Several Metal Reaper fixes.
Several Death Cam fixes.
Reload Video Sound Correction. Turning the master volume down does actually mute the reload video sound.
Fixed a possible game crash upon opening boxes with bad internet connection.
Custom Character menu doesn't show the loadout anymore when pressing Escape at the same time.
Permanent duplicates cannot be obtained anymore while a game is about to start.
Main Menu Icons corrected - No longer drag & drop.
Purchase complete pop-up corrected.
Skin visual order rearrangement when clicking on "View Contents".
Improved the shop responsiveness to avoid timeouts while purchasing items.
Solved an issue where parties where not properly disbanded after one user disconnected.
Fixed an issue where users got a Win registered when a match ended in a Draw after exceeding time limit.
Changing languages no longer displays currencies as "0".
Celebrations PDR-C and Pixel DSR-1 are now in the Superior Supply Boxes.
Fixed Ironwork achievements.
Corrected several glitches on various maps. We want to take the time to thank all of the players that reported these map exploits!
The railing collider has been removed on Outpost.
Emotes cannot be triggered during the reload animation anymore (No more crazy moves on the dance floor!).
Users can no longer preview an attachment which wasn't intended for the currently equipped weapon.
Pietro Silencer no longer shows three unlock conditions.
2D elements from the shop cannot be rotated for preview anymore.

Known Issues

Attachments for new Epic Weapons are repairable instead of permanent.
Visual glitch when Combat Crossbow is being reloaded, it disappears.
Spas-12 Reload, Hipfire and Shooting animations are not showing appropriately.
Clan News timestamp is shown as "Lately".
Monitoring Sight detection is less noticeable with HDR active.
Visual glitch with the UAV propeller not rotating.
Re-deployable drones are trembling while carrying them.
There can be weird highlights if one of the launching missiles of Titan kills people in a highlight.
Scoreboard is not displayed after the game highlight.
Death Cam doesn't show any information when the avatar commits suicide.
Parties are sometimes disbanded after finding a suitable match.
The Starter kit's description in the shop is not accurate. It will be fixed in the next few weeks. If you want to know the actual content of the pack, please click the "View Content" button.

For all of this IronSight offer for all the users this new in-game event: Operation - Spring Celaning

A new in-game event arrives on Ironsight! Operation Spring Cleaning will be available starting today until June 12th at 10AM CEST. Once again, simply play the game and meet the Event achievement's requirements to unlock your rewards!

Note: Unlocked rewards are sent to your storage.

The rewards will be the following:

Achievement Spring Cleaning I - Get 2 wins in any mode

600 GP

Achievement Spring Cleaning II - Get 150 kills with any weapon

Chrome AK-12 (3 Days)

Achievement Spring Cleaning III - Get 300 kills with the AK-12

2400 GP

Achievement Spring Cleaning IV - Get 120000 battle points


Achievement Spring cleaning V - Get 150000 battle points


New Emote


New Skill

Quick Recovery Skill now available!

Can be equipped in the 3rd Skill Slot.
Time to start health recovery reduced by 20%.
Health Recovery is 20% faster.

Functional Items

New items are available in the shop under the "AP store" section and "Consumable items" tab! Purchased items are sent to your Storage.

Personal K/D Reset

Resets KDR statistics, best kills and best KDR.

Personal Battle Record Reset

Resets game statistics such as play time, number of matches and win rate.

Collection System Update

Epic: Purple (weapons have a unique reload animation)
Rare: Pink (weapons have a unique reload animation)
Special: Orange
Advanced: Blue
Uncommon: Green
Common: Black

Skins, skins and... more skins!

Assault Rifles

City M4 ACC-M
Skull M4 ACC-M
Chrome AK-12​

Light Machine Guns

Pixel Ultimax 100

Sub-Machine Guns



WS Quickshot
ZA Rifle Scope
Angry Monkey Detecting Sight
Woodland Quickshot
Woodland Holographic Scope
Woodland Monitoring Sight
Woodland Long Eye Scope
Woodland ACOG
Woodland Clear Sight
Woodland Detecting Sight
Woodland Variant Sight
Woodland Glow-on Sight
Woodland Thermal Scope
Woodland Rifle Scope
Woodland Viper Scope
Woodland POSP
Woodland Scout Scope
Wooldand Laser Sight

Enjoy this new update for IronSight one of the best free-to-play MMO FPS game

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