Ironsight earns rave reviews on Steam

IronSight Free to Play MMO FPS
Ironsight earns rave reviews on Steam

The verdict is in and the players have spoken! Gamigo’s competitive Sci-Fi Shooter Irnosight recently extended its Open Beta to Steam together with the content update "Recovery", which offers two maps, a Capture the Flag mode, new weapons and much more. The action-packed title has received over 1500 reviews on Steam with 72% of them positive.

“One of the best free games” - Redwolf
“F2P without the P2W” - Synergy
“Great game for free and not pay to win” -CG_Killer
“They have done everything better than COD did in MW (2019) - Debil Donut
“This game is incredible!” - Arietty

Ironsight earns rave reviews on Steam
Ironsight earns rave reviews on Steam

Irnosight is also earning rave reviews with critics as well

Happy Gamer proclaims it “features rich details and authentic controls”

MMOHuts boasts Irnosight has, “[...] gorgeous graphics and innovative futuristic warfare.”

PCGamer “[...] there's a Deus Ex visual vibe to some of the locations and outfits that I really like.”

During the beta period, Irnosight has achieved staggering user engagement metrics which can be seen on the included infographic. We would be happy if you chose to share this information with your readers.

Source: Gamigo AG - Aeria Games - Irnosight

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