Ironsight arrives with a huge content update on Steam

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Ironsight arrives with a huge content update on Steam

The action-packed online shooter Ironsight extends its Open Beta to Steam today together with the content update "Recovery".

Hamburg, December 19, 2019 – gamigo is excited to announce that fans of thrilling SciFi action can play the online shooter Ironsight on Steam now. Ironsight also receives the content update Recovery, which offers two maps, a Capture the Flag mode, new weapons and much more.

On the Map Station, players will fight fierce battles in the new Capture the Flag mode for the flags that decide victory or defeat in Ironsight. The extensive grounds of a Russian station also serve as an atmospheric setting for other game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Frontline. The second new Map Discovery is an industrial playground surrounded by dense jungle.

Thanks to the update, players can try out the new assault rifle Type 89 and the tactical drone FlyTrap in their first Steam match. Its name already reveals a lot about the way this defence drone works: It catches grenades like flies in the air. With Recovery, gamigo introduces the second season of the Iron Pass, which offers new missions and exclusive rewards for professional mercenaries.

The popular Free2Play shooter Ironsight is currently in an advanced Open Beta. gamigo is going to use the feedback from the Steam community to prepare for a game launch in 2020. More information about Ironsight can be found on Ironsight and on Steam.

Source : Gamigo Group - Ironsight

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