Iris Online enters Open Beta today

Gala-Net, Inc. has announced that Iris Online will be entering Open Beta today, November 24th. Open Beta features a level cap of 55, more than 20 explorable maps, themed dungeons, and hundreds of lore-rich quests that invite players to morph into monsters, travel through time, and even take down an evil carnival!

Known for its cute graphics and unique story-line, Iris Online is a full-feature MMORPG where three races – Elf, Human, and Animal-Human Hybrids – co-exist in the world of Arcana, a land ruled by strange divine forces that weave characters’ destinies into a magical tale of mystery and whimsy. From its in-depth Tarot Card system and challenging PvP Modes, to its adorable art-style and loveable characters, Iris has something for everyone.

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