Interview with Todd Harris about SMITE


Past Friday morning we found ourselves at the booth of Todd Harris, Co-founder & COO of Hi-Rez Studios. Gamescom was winding down and the business area was really quiet, we headed off to one of the communal café areas to have a chat with Todd about SMITE, the third person MOBA where gods of all pantheons and mythologies battle it out against each other.

The focus of the interview revolved around e-Sports and Smite gearing up for their first Smite World Champions arena tournament that would be taking place in Atlanta Georgia in January 2015, seeing teams from China, Latina America, North America, Brazil and Europe fighting it out for what currently stands at a $600,00 prize pool. Even this early in the morning it was clear to see that Todd was hyped about the prospect and would it would mean for both the game and the e-Sports industry. We also got the chance to have a frank discussion about his impressions on a lot of the new MOBA that are currently coming out, needless to say he’s happy to see a saturation of the top-down isometric MOBA games letting Smite stand out even more as the only third person MOBA, but he knows that in time that it won’t last forever.

Check out the full interview to see what else we found out from Hi-Rez’ Co-Founder and COO. And if you want to know more about SMITE, click on the "info" button below.


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