Interview with Sergey Orlovskiy, Blitzkrieg 3 Executive Producer

This week we got the chance to talk with Sergey Orlovskiy, CEO of Nival and Executive Producer for Blitzkrieg 3, about their upcoming World War II themed strategy new title. In case you don't know it, this new MMORTS paints a realistic picture of WWII and focuses on the historic battles that took place. Definitely worth.

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First of all, thank you for giving us the possibility to interview you about Blitzkrieg 3. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Sergey Orlovskiy, I am Executive Producer for Blitzkrieg 3.

How would you describe Blitzkrieg 3 to someone who has never heard of it before?

Blitzkrieg 3 is a World War II real-time strategy game, the sequel to the famous Blitzkrieg series that has gathered over 2 million fans across the globe. Our goal is to re-invent the online RTS for modern gamers and to blend classic RTS elements with innovative ideas.

You have said that Blitzkrieg 3 is designed to re-invent RTS for modern gamers. What makes Blitzkrieg 3 to stand out in its genre?

The most outstanding part is our multiplayer. RTS games were very popular 10 years ago, but then they started to fade out because of a lack of innovation. The evolution moved towards the MOBA such as League of Legends, or story-driven games like Starcraft 2. During this time multiplayer remained stagnant and didn’t evolve enough. It was pretty much Warcraft 2 and derivatives therof. We decided to focus on the multiplayer and upgrade it to the new standards of online games, with extensive persistent development of both military units and players’ bases, together with fast-paced and visually stunning asynchronous combat that is very appealing to modern audiences.

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In your opinion, why should a player choose to play Blitzkrieg 3 over any other real-time strategy game?

Asynchronous multiplayer is actually very fun and an altogether different experience from traditional online multiplayer. Another reason would be a deep tactical element featured in all Blitzkrieg games. You have dozens of units and you have to manage them properly, considering all their stats and special abilities, surroundings and landscape features. Finally, you might want to try out Blitzkrieg for its true WWII atmosphere and exciting historical campaigns, which we keep in the best traditions of the series.

So what will be different in Blitzkrieg 3 to its predecessors? Will we still have the same three factions to choose from (Allies, Russians and Germans)?

Yes. For the single player experience there will be the same three factions in Blitzkrieg 3 as in the previous games of the series: the Allies, the Axis, and the USSR. We’ve made the step from Blitzkrieg 2 back to Blitzkrieg 1 in terms of numbers of units, so each of them have substantial persistent development and you need to develop them with care.

Can you tease us with some details of the campaigns and the missions?

Single player campaigns will present each side of the WWII conflict with their own “Blitzkrieg” - – a quick and victorious march through the enemy territory. For the Axis campaign we restored their march to Paris in 1940, the Allies campaign will take a player through Italy of 1943, and the Soviet campaign will end up in Berlin in 1945. Of course, Blitzkrieg was the main tactic of the war operation as a whole, yet each campaign will consist of 7-8 missions with a variety of gameplay tactics and objectives for each. For instance, some missions will require a tank rush, while in others you will have to be stealthy yet deadly. On top of that we are planning to add more and more different campaigns after the launch.

How many different types of units will the game feature?

There will be a big variety of units in the true traditions of the RTS genre: heavy tanks, light and medium tanks, tank destroyers, armored vehicles, artillery, howitzers, airplanes, different types of infantry, plus defense fortifications which are not used in attacking actions, but allow you to build up the defense of your base. All in all there are many dozens of various units types for each faction.

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Can we customize our army?

In single player historical missions you will be playing with the set of historically accurate units for each mission. In the multiplayer mode though you will actually build, develop, and customize your forces: building different offensive and defensive units, throwing your troops into the action to receive experience points and improving them by leveling-up, hiring different generals who will add certain features or tactics to your army.

What can you tell us about the asynchronous multiplayer game mode? Is it true that we can build a base in the multiplayer game mode?

Basically the Blitzkrieg 3 multiplayer mode consists of two parts – unhurried building of your defenses and attacking your opponents in fast-paced battles.
You’ll be choosing the different landscapes for your bases, according to your preferred defensive style, constructing production buildings and fortifications, mines, anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wire, and reinforcing it with your defensive military units.
While attacking you’ll try to break through other player’s AI-controlled defenses to capture their base and resources, applying various units and tactics to solve the brain-teaser they have left for you.

So in general it’s a blend of single player and multiplayer modes – you are actually playing a mission, created under certain rules for you by another player.

Is there an in-game clan system, maybe with leaderboards and competitions?

There will definitely be leaderboards in Blitzkrieg 3, and later on we will introduce the clan system as well.

Tell us something about the social aspects offered by the game.

Right now we are mainly concentrated on the core design and are not ready to talk about the social aspects in detail yet.

Have you decided the game’s business model? Is it going to be free to play?

Blitzkrieg 3 will have paid single-player campaigns with free multiplayer, where you can purchase individual missions or an optional subscription via a premium account for all single player campaigns. There will be no micro-transactions.

Will there be a cash-shop in the game? If yes, what kind of stuff could we purchase?

There will be no micro-transactions in the game. We will be selling additional historical campaigns as optional DLC though as explained in the previous answer.

Thank you for all your answers. Would you like to add something?

I would like to invite everybody to visit our website where you can sign up for the closed beta-test and get a chance to be among the first players who will see the game from the inside. Thank you for your interest in Blitzkrieg 3, hope to see you on its battlefields!


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