Imperia Online Winter Event

Imperia Online Winter Event

Imperia Online Winter Event

Imperia Online is a Free-to-Play Cross-Platform MMORTS Game, aviable on PC, iOS and Android, offer events for Chirstmas.

Two nice events for Imperia Online for Chrtistmas;

  1. The Imperia Online Winter Event from December 21st since January 4th; full snowy art with winter world boss and winter week contest with tons of snow balls and ide castle which will give additional rewards

  2. The Imperia Online Winter Special from December 23tg until December 26th, The biggest winter package with gifts free of charge.Imperia Online Winter Event

Winter is coming in the Barbarian Camps, turning them into Jolly Camps, ready to be smashed here on Imperia Online.

What a good season winter is!

Deers flying all over the place, carrying questionable personas with bags full of goods (probably stolen!), people you love (or hate!) wanting to give you presents, annoying loved ones nagging
you all day that you should decorate your entire castle with shiny sparkling useless stuff… etc.,

Every self-respecting medieval ruler would go mad during Christmas… Except the ones playing Imperia Online, because Imperia Online knows what every self-respecting ruler needs – Jolly

That’s why during the Christmas Holidays the Jolly Camps will once again make their appearance in the realms of Imperia!

And the best of you will get Winter Chests full of goodies at the end!

Noble warriors, Christmas is coming!

Source: Imperia Online for PC, Imperia Online for Android devices and Imperia Online for iOS devices.

Imperia Online Winter Event Imperia Online Winter Event here on

About Imperia Online:

Imperia Online is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMORTS game you can play on the PC and Mobile devices set in a medieval world where thousands of real players compete for supremacy. Players begin with a single capital and then grow and expand a mighty Empire from there. Players have multiple ways to bring new territories under their control, while in the same time they'll need to take care and develop their existing holdings. Technology research, resource production, and a complex economy are all features that the players will need to manage and master if they want to persevere. And at any time, if player finds themselves too challenged by circumstance, they can join an Alliance, and seek the help of fellow members.

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