Imperia Online The Egg Hunt

Imperia Online The Egg Hunt
Imperia Online The Egg Hunt

Imperia Online is a Free-to-Play Cross-Platform MMORTS Game, aviable on PC, iOS and Android, offer for Easter promo this nice event, will be start on April 29th to May 9th.

Easter is one of the most celebrated and respected holidays in the calendar.

And this is why we take it very seriously each year.

This year is no different, of course.

The only question you should ask during Easter is this – How many eggs can you carry with one hand?

And what will you do with your other hand? Well, the answer to the second question is obvious – you will collect eggs!

Actually the number of eggs doesn’t really matter – because you can carry as much as you can get!

That’s the whole point of the Egg Hunt event, which will be once again launched in order to celebrate the upcoming Easter!

It will start on April 29th and will end on May 9th.

For those of you, who will experience the Egg Hunt for the first time, the rules are simple:

● Certain neutral cities will have eggs hidden in them;
● Each player can send spies in any neutral city and he will have the option to order his spies to search for eggs;
● Collected eggs can be used to buy in-game items and boosters;
● Each time the player finds an Egg, there is a chance for this Egg to be SPECIAL;
● Tomes, Talismans, Boxes, Plans, Boots and many more valuable items are waiting to be bought with the hard-earned Eggs

So, did we convince you to log into Imperia Online on Easter sure you will enjoy the game.

Source: Imperia Online for PC, Imperia Online for Android devices and Imperia Online for iOS devices.

About Imperia Online;

Imperia Online is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMORTS game you can play on the PC and Mobile devices set in a medieval world where thousands of real players compete for supremacy. Players begin with a single capital and then grow and expand a mighty Empire from there. Players have multiple ways to bring new territories under their control, while in the same time they'll need to take care and develop their existing holdings. Technology research, resource production, and a complex economy are all features that the players will need to manage and master if they want to persevere. And at any time, if player finds themselves too challenged by circumstance, they can join an Alliance, and seek the help of fellow members.

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