Imperia Online Battle Royale II

Imperia Online Battle Royale II
Imperia Online Battle Royale II

We at Imperia Online are going to have a packed April and are hoping that you will join us in celebrating the below events by featuring Imperia Online for at least one of them here on

1. April's Fool Day on Imperia Online(01-03.04)
Each player will receive 400 in game items for free! The player of the joke exposes by shouting "April fools" at the Imperia Online tribune.

2. Easter – Egg Hunt on Imperia Online(10-21.04)
In this event players can collect Easter eggs which contain special prizes.

3. Battle Royale II (09-30.04) on Imperia Online– registrations open on the 31st of March and end on 9th of April here Imperia Online.

A tournament that requires a pre-tournament registration with a world development 10 times faster than normal, 50 waves of nomad attacks every 10 hours against each player. After the 50th wave accounts will be locked to calculate who is the winner and to begin allocation of rewards.

Please have in mind that while the Egg Hunt and Battle Royale II overlap BR II will require players to have registered before the event starts so featuring would be required while the registrations run 31.03 – 09.04

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