IllFonic Unveils Revival


A new very promising sandbox on the horizon. Independent developer IllFonic has just announced Revival, a free-to-play horror open-world RPG that will mix skill-based combat and a dark-fantasy themed RPG experience through Unreal Engine 4.

Revival will combine old-school role-playing and Lovecraftian horror. It promises ongoing storylines and content that changes in concert with the players’ actions, directed by a 24/7 staff of storytellers and content creators.


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The game will be released in multiple phases, with the first one arriving this month, introducing housing for a few lucky players. This development plan will allow players to change to be involved from the beginning. In the second phase, players will be able to leave the houses and explore their hometowns in offline mode. Then the online world will come, along with several gameplay mechanics such as crafting, combat or the live story-telling. And finally, Revival will be totally open for those who wants to fight the Dark powers.

I’ve spent a decade working in the MMO space,” Chris Holtorf, one of Revival’s Lead Designers and Lead Lore added, “and Revival represents the lessons learned throughout the development of three previous online titles. My roots are in tabletop gaming, so the focus on directed play and the dynamic content, made possible by a Live Storytelling team, is right up my alley.

Revival is a passion project that is born from love and pain within this genre”, added Kedhrin Gonzalez, Creative Director at IllFonic. “Revival is insanely innovative and charges against the grain with trends in the MMO genre. It’s not innovative just to be different, it’s innovative because that’s what this genre and gamers need.


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"IllFonic's edgy vibe and dedication reminds me how the best game development often happens with a sleeping bag in your office,” said Joe Kreiner, head of Unreal Engine licensing for the Americas. “With their long history of technical excellence and hard core sensibilities, it's about time we won these guys over to UE4."

Will Revival be the ultimate online RPG experience? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more information.


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