HEX: Shards of Fate Enters Public Beta


HEX: Shards of Fate is opening up its gates to everyone. The game is now fully PvP-featured, all the game’s PvP features are already present, and additional content will gradually become available right up to the game’s final release. The number of available cards, currently numbering 350, will soon be expanded by a new set, bringing the total to over 500 playable cards.


HEX artwork (2) HEX artwork (1)

Cory Jones, Head of Development and CEO of HEX Entertainment: “Due to high demand and the need for further testing by increasing player population on our servers, we felt the easiest way to accommodate this is by removing the restriction of having to have a beta key. This testing phase is also very important for us in the evolution of HEX and for our community. Together with Gameforge we’d also like to take the chance to thank all of the players who participated in closed beta. We really look forward to continue creating an even better gaming experience with all of our players.”

In advance of this move, the latest patch introduced a glut of all-round improvements and new usability features into the game. In addition to the reworked interface, which gives players an enhanced overview during duels, there is now an extensive tutorial to introduce beginners to the gaming mechanics.

The public beta also gives players the opportunity to fight a rich variety of duels against differing grades of AI opponent. If you wish to know more about HEX, please click on the "info" button you'll find below.


HEX screenshot (2)_1 HEX screenshot (2) HEX screenshot (1)_1 HEX screenshot (1)

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