HEX Raises the Armies of Myth


The third major content update for the digital TCG HEX: Shards of Fate arrives in today, introducing 250 new cards (amongst which there are 18 legendaries), 20 new heroes, new card abilities, a new card type, a new tournament mode and extra security improvements. This set focuses on the Vennen, Elf, Coyotle and Necrotic races.

For players who want extra security for their accounts, the Google Authenticator has been implemented in the update and can be activated at any time.


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Three new card abilities come with Armies of Myth: Prophecy, Shift and Allegiance. Prophecy allows players to embellish cards still in their decks with bonuses; Shift, on the other hand, can transfer one card’s powers to another. Finally Allegiance gives players bonuses as long as they have played or are holding cards of a specific race.

The update also sees the unveiling of a new card type: banes, which allows players to sabotage the enemy’s decks by creating negative effects and can inflict huge damage.

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