Heva Clonia Online, Open Beta and Free Items Giveaway


Heva Clonia Online has just launched its closed beta test phase for North America. During this phase, players will be able to enjoy a wide selection of special Hallowen in-game events to earn special prizes. OGPlanet has also announced that  won't be any wipe at the end of the beta. In order to celebrate this big event, F2p.com is teaming up with OGPlanet to offer you this exclusive free items giveaway for the game!


Heva Clonia Online Open Beta Giveaway


The Package Nyanfire includes:
• EXP Scroll to give you 50% additional experience for every monster you defeat
• Fortune Box which could contain a wide variety of items such as weapons, armor and more!
• Nyanfire is not only good for being very cute, but will also assist you and your party members in battle and recover your health.

The keys can be redeemed when the servers open at 4pm PST today (17th October 2013)

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Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo, check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Register at Heva Clonia Online .

Step 4. After installing the OGPlanet Game Launcher, Follow the prompts in the Launcher to download/install Heva Clonia Online.

Step 5. Once Heva Clonia Online is installed, log into the game and create your character.

Step 6. Go to the Heva Clonia Online promotion page.

Step 7. Check your in-game ‘Inbox’ to receive your items!

* You must have a character in Heva Clonia Online to receive your items.
* Only one Beta Prize Pack can be redeemed per OGPlanet account.

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