Heroes of the Storm Receives a Facelift

Heroes of the Storm Receives a Facelift


Blizzard's free to play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, gets ready for major changes. The 2.0 version is now available through a special Open Beta server that will run for a month. This update introduces a completely new progression system, a new rewards system, new items, new customization options, new currency, map changes and a new hero.

The level progression is no longer capped at 40, and the player level is now the sum of all hero levels. Inspired by Overwatch, the game will feature progression badges that will display player's level. Each 25 levels players will receive a new badge art. Additionally, hero levels will no longer be capped at 20.



2.0 also introduces a new to unlock cosmetic items. Each time players level up, they will receive a loot chest. Loot chests features 4 randomized items of different rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. And there are 4 different types of loot chests: basic Loot Chests, Rare, Epic, and Hero-specific. Rare and epic loot chests are guaranteed to contain at least one item of their rarity level. On the other hand, Hero-specific cests are guarnteed to contain at least one item of the specific hero.

By using gold, players will be able to re-roll items awareded by a chest. Chest rewards include heroes, skins, mounts, stimpacks and several other things, such as announcers, voice lines, sprays, emojis or shards (shards are a new crafting material that can be used to forge cosmetic items).

2.0 also adds gems, a new currency that replaces real money as primary currency. Gems can be used to purchase all kind of items, and gems can be purchased using real money. Gold will remain, and it will be used to purchase heroes and chest rewards re-rolls.


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