Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is an improved version of the classic MOBA genre where two teams go head-to-head in exciting PVP matches fighting against heroes, waves of minions, enemy towers to find their way into the opponents base and destroy it to claim victory. In Heroes players will travel to the Nexus, a place where world collide and characters from all across the Blizzard universes come together to fight for control.


- Play as dozens of champions and villains from the different Blizzard games
- Different Hero roles giving everyone a purpose
- Customize your Heroes abilities to your own playstyle
- Various maps with unique objectives
- More structures than just towers: healing fountains, gates, guard posts


The emphasis on the game is to have fast and fun sessions, typically lasting between 15 to 20 minutes per game, having a more casual feel so that players find it easier to pick up but more difficult to master. The game focuses on team work considerably more than other games in this genre type, with such changes as completely dropping “last hit” bonuses that can often divide a team through voluntary for accidental kill stealing, instead once a hero is downed the bonus is split between the entire team. Each hero with their key roles will play have their own importance on the battlefield and their time to shine and contribute to the team overall.


Players can choose from a variety bad guys and champions to play as their Hero from different Blizzard games such as Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft and more! Watch as Arthas and Diablo fight side by side going up against Malfurion and Raynor, each having their own role in battle:

Assassins – Heavy damage dealing combatants that can take on unsuspecting opponents, but are a little on the weak side defensively

Warriors - damage soaking meat shields that can take a hit after hit and dish it right back out

Support - able to buff, heal or manipulate the battle to aid their allies these powerful teammates serve a very functional and necessary role

Commanders - opting to stay out of the direct action, staying further back they control the flow of the battlefield from a safe distance

Siege Heroes - extremely useful specialist heroes that focus on destroying minions, towers and other defences to help push the team forward


Each hero can be uniquely customised, choosing different abilities as they level up in game as well as customising what you’re characters Heroic (Ultimate) will be, such as Arthas ability to either summon the frost wyrm Sindragosa to do some extreme damage or summon waves of undead, either will determine how all the character plays when on the battlefield. Players are able to differentiate their heroes to dramatic lengths, taking a standard support and making them more heal focused to better suit the other characters in the team.

As well as gameplay functionality players are also able to unlock various skins for the different heroes, playing Tyrael in his classic Archangel form or in a daemonic fiery winged Hell form!


The variety of maps is one of the other main things that separates Heroes from other MOBAs, more involved in sophisticated than the simple three lane combat the game will feature a number of different environments from port side bars, haunted farm towns to lush green gardens each with their own unique site quest objectives. Gather up cursed treasure to win the favour of an evil pirate lord will then fight on your side using his ghostly pirate ship to destroy the enemies defences, or on another map head underground to kill skeletons and gather their bones to build your own grave golem that will smash its way across the map destroying everything comes in contact with.

Players do not simply have to worry about towers but entire towns, unique structures such as gates to block your path, fountains to restore health and guard towers that can be destroyed, alternatively there are other towers that can be taken over and captured to give a beneficial position on the map.

Minions come in different forms, melee and ranged and even healing and support minions to make combat that little bit more challenging. Teams can also try to employ the mercenaries from the camps that are dotted around the map, bringing them into their service to fight against the enemy.



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