Hero Zero: Season of Science

Hero Zero: Season of Science
Hero Zero: Season of Science

The browser game starts a new Season

Let the experiments begin! On August 28th, 2020, the development team of Playata and the game publisher GamesGroup will launch a new season for the superheroes of the free-to-play browser game Hero Zero: The Season of Science. The adventure is available for four weeks and ends on September 23th, 2020, 11:59 PM and grants numerous rewards for the players.

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Over the mission-section, superheroes can access the Season-Feature. Superheroes have the opportunity to collect points by completing a wide variety of different tasks, thereby scoring valuable rewards. The season runs for a period of four weeks and grants a special effect that is active for all players in battles against other players. The more season points a player collects, the stronger the effect will be. With an additional Season Pass, players earn cool bonus rewards.

The Season of Science offers rewards such as the slimy but extremely cute sidekick Gary, parts of the scientists' hero set, as well as extra skill points, coins, and much more.

Collect season points by completing the following tasks in Hero Zero:

• For event tasks
• For Top 100 in the Solo HeroCon
• For Top 100 in the Experience Tournament
• For daily additional rewards from duels
• For daily additional rewards from league fights
• For daily additional rewards from hideout fights

The Season Pass is free of charge, but players have the opportunity on a paid Season Pass, which has been reduced from €9.99 to €4.99 with the start of this new Season.

About Hero Zero

In the free2play browser game Hero Zero, players strive towards being a superhero, take on a range of missions in many different worlds, train their character, and improve their strength to fight against other superheroes and move up the rankings. Every single character can be upgraded individually – meaning there are a number of attributes to be improved such as strength, conditioning, and brain power. The guild system is a must to fight together with other superheroes for world domination!

Since launching in January 2012, the humorous online RPG, Hero Zero, has captivated over 30 million registered users! Gamers from all over Europe, North and South America as well as Asia have joined the mission. Hero Zero is a cross-platform game playable over Hero Zero for iOS, Hero Zero for AndroidAndroid, Hero Zero PC and Hero Zero for Facebook.

Hero Zero is playable directly on Hero Zero, over Facebook and also available for free in the AppStore as well as in the Google PlayStore.

Source: European Games Group AG - Hero Zero

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