Hero Zero

Hero Zero

Hero Zero is a superhero-themed cross platform game for browser and mobile devices ( iOS and Android ). Players can complete missions for experience and fame, challenge avatars, train their characters and enhance their attributes in order to ultimately become true superheroes. Set in a comic world with beautifully crafted graphics, this casual game combines single- and multiplayer aspects in an accessible way and wraps everything up with lots of humour.


- Beautifully crafted comic game world
- Fully customizable characters: wide range of customization options in order to create a unique hero
- Different types of missions: Engage in missions to earn experience and fame.
- Character training: Enhance your hero’s attributes to become a superhero.
- Duel system: Challenge other players in combat.
- Extensive in-game shop: Buy crazy gear and clothes to equip your hero with.
- No download required: Play directly in your favourite browser.


Players are provided with a wide range of customization options in order to create a really unique hero or heroine, adjusting the character’s appearance, their eyebrows, hair style, lips, and nose, etc. to their liking. Furthermore, the in-game shop offers flashy clothes and accessories as well as crazy equipment for your missions.


Players start their career as the average neighbourhood hero saving kittens and helping old ladies across the road. Missions in Hero Zero will lead characters from the idyllic gardens of their hometown to the huge world waiting out there. They can mainly be categorized into two varieties, namely time and combat mission.

Having successfully accomplished your mission, you will be rewarded with EXP points that can be used to boost up your skills and coins to spend for equipment.


Although actually revolving more around humour than serious combat, the game nevertheless features some combat missions which take you to a gloomy arena with 3 distinct villains waiting for your hero. To prepare for combat, you’re able to equip your character with lots of crazy stuff, such as pink hair blowers with super power and so on.

Hero Zero also incorporates a duel system which allows players to pick another one from the list and fight one-on-one to the death. Those daily duels increase your hero’s fame.


The in-game shop in Hero Zero provides a huge variety of fun equipment and clothes players are able to purchase using the coins they have earned from missions. The shop’s offers range from fluffy night-robes, sparkling sandals and transparent cloaks to flower-patterned flip-flops that boost your intellect and much more incredible other stuff.

Developer: Playata GmbH

Platform: Internet browser, AppStore and Google Play


Internet connection + web browser + mobile game


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