Grand Fantasia Celebrates Lunar New Year

Grand Fantasia Celebrates Lunar New Year
Grand Fantasia Celebrates Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is upon us, and Grand Fantasia is celebrating the year of the tiger with several fun in-game festivities! Today’s Sprite Extravaganza update also delivers more usable sprites, more visible buffs, and other player-requested improvements.

For the Lunar New Year, Messengers are tasked with helping Sprite Hujia deliver gifts he has accumulated over the years to his family back home. Assisting Sprite Hujia will be no easy task as players need to escort him past evil doers that will stop at nothing to earn his sweet loot. If players help him survive long enough to deliver gifts to his family, they’ll be rewarded handsomely in addition to earning a special title.

But - what’s this? A Valentine’s Day-themed event is launching with this update too? Love is also in the air in Grand Fantasia and Sayla needs help from Messengers to confess her feelings to a soldier in Kaslow. She’s running late for her big confession and needs players to get her prepared love letter that’s been locked away in a chest. As long as players promise to not read its contents, they will earn a reward and the title “The True Meaning of Love” once they bring this lovely couple together.

In addition to these two special quests, Grand Fantasia also includes the following:

  • New Year’s Collection Event: A new collection of cards has arrived! Exchange cards for stone enchantment, sprite island decorations, mounts, costumes and many other things.

  • More Sprites: After years of asking, the sprite kings have approved the Messengers’ request to have more sprites. Players can now carry up to 6 sprites!

  • Sprite Island Makeover: Sprite Chef Pepin has improved his culinary skills to deliver an even higher level of cooking magic. Messengers that dine in Pepin’s newly updated kitchen can enjoy Ultimate and Divine dishes that last twice as long as they used to. That’s not all! Butler Sprite Jeeves has made it easier to travel across Sprite Island by installing several teleporters.

  • Learn More Saphael Secrets: More lore about the world of Grand Fantasia has been added. Messengers can start exploring 88 new pieces of trivia taking the total of extra stories to discover to 692!

  • Source: Gamigo - Aeria Games - Grand Fantasia

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