GodsWar Online talks about its guild benefits

GodsWar Online has a unique guild system. Guilds are more than a way to stay in touch with friends.

In GodsWar Online, who have a guild definitely have privileges.

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Building Makes You Stronger
Each guild can use construction to earn blessings from the deity they worship. As a guild levels up, its buildings can also be leveled up, adding to the benefits. If the guild has also constructed a God Altar, the members will receive a larger stat boost. Offering sacrifices to another deity could result in bonuses to other stats, such as attack power, physical defense, magic defense, hit rating, dodge rating, etc.

Double Experience
Guilds can also grant their members a period of double experience gain once a week. By spending some of the guild’s funds they can give members a longer period to enjoy the bonus. To access the guild’s double experience bonus, players must visit an NPC in their faction’s main city.

Get unique quests
As if these benefits weren’t enough, GodsWar Online players can access certain special quests that are only available to those who belong to a guild.

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