Gigantic Welcomes Competitive Leaderboard

Gigantic Welcomes Competitive Leaderboard


Gigantic has received a new content update, "Eternal Dawn", introducing a new character, competitive leaderboard, a new creature and new skins. Watch the gameplay trailer below. The update is now available on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

The new hero, Zandora, is a melee character who uses auras to empower both her allies and herself. She is a support character.

With the new competitive leaderboard, players will have access to detailed information about their skill. The stats page features information about the current rank, victories and other interesting numbers. Rank is determinated by the skill rating, based on wins and losses.

As you already probably know, Gigantic is currently in Open Beta within the Xbox Game program. It will be available on Arc (PC Windows) in the future.

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