Get Rid of those Grasslins in Nostale

Get Rid of those Grasslins in Nostale
Get Rid of those Grasslins in Nostale

There’s a Grasslin invasion in NosTale. Both large and small ones are rampaging in the Grasslin Meadow, but you can handle this challenge if you use the 50 free raid seals you get each day to face them in the Spring Raid. Hurry if you want to help solve this problem, as they’ll only be roaming around until September 28!

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Source: Gameforge - NosTale - Get Rid of those Grasslins in Nostale

Released in September 2007, NosTale has a very large and friendly global community that warmly welcomes new players to join in on their adventures through a world full of mystery. NosTale is available in nine different languages and can be downloaded from the official Gameforge site and Steam for Windows PC.

NosTale is a free-to-play anime MMORPG in which players head off to an exciting adventure in a land full of secrets as they master dangerous missions, tame wild creatures to turn them into companions and battle enemies alongside their friends.

The game offers varied activities, allowing players to create their virtual home in Miniland, invite friends, have parties or just relax from their exciting every day life as the hero.

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