Gamigo announces a new browser game based on Vicky The Viking


Gamigo has just unveiled a brand new free-to-play strategy browser game based on the TV CGI series “Vicky the Viking”. The game combines classic building elements with roleplaying features to offer to the players exciting adventures revolving around this popular Viking hero. Vicky The Vicking is going to be published first in Germany as Wickie Online and will then launch the English version called Vic The Viking.

The German version has already started the pre-registering process, stay tuned for more information about the upcoming English version.

No matter whether they are young or old, just everyone knows Vicky,” tells Remco Westermann (CEO gamigo AG). “We are excited to welcome the little Viking boy in our gamigo family, this way bringing a part of family history and present time onto the screen. There’s a guarantee for having fun while playing! Even the conceptional cooperation with Studio 100 Media and Funatics was already a great joy. We’ve got a powerful team for a powerful licence!

Source of information: Gamigo press release


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