Genre: Free to play Browser MMORPG
Platform: Internet Browser
Developer: Bigpoint

in this browser-based free to play MMORPG players take on the role as a zoo director as they build and maintain their own zoo filled with cute animals and tending to the needs of the zoo visitors to ensure happy environment for all. The game focuses on casual, social gameplay complete with its social network features, it is fun, colourful and very family friendly.

as the director of the zoo your job is mainly twofold: ensuring that your animals are happy and healthy, ensuring that they are fed, cleaned and entertained. In turn this will help you with your second task which is to make the zoo more popular and attracts more zoo visitors.

Players are able to fully customise their zoos and expand them to add specialised animal habitats, themed decorations and landscaping objects such as trees, statues and fountains and various concessions stands to keep your visitors as well fed as your animals are! The game is suitable for those who’d like to play casually but has enough features to keep players engrossed.

In Game Currency
The main currency used within the game is PetPennies that is acquired through the visitors that pay to come into your zoo, using this money players are able to purchase animals, buildings and more decorations to further attracts even more visitors.

Social Networks
players can play Zoomumba through Facebook with their friends, posting their achievements to their walls and encouraging their friends to join them in the game and claiming rewards and bonuses for doing so. A number of community based quests helps to maintain the strong community presence.

System Requirement
Internet Connection


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