World of Speed

GENRE: Free to play Racing MMO
DEVELOPER: Slightly Mad Studios


World of Speed is a high octane free to play racing mmo with stunning HD graphics, from the studio that brought you Need for Speed: Shift and its equally successful sequel the developers are now stepping into the free to play market with this epic racing title.


- Stunning AAA HD visuals
- Earn and collect cars from standard city cars to powerful super cars
- Race solo or as part of a team
- Multiple Tracks that take you to iconic locations
- Multiple game modes
- For your own racing Club with club logos and more
- Regular updates
- Free to Play


In World of Speed players will get behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars on the planet and go head-to-head against AI and other players in a title that brings classic console and arcade racing games to the MMO genre. Players will compete in a variety of different game modes trying to earn their place on the podium racing around iconic real-world tracks the city streets of some well-known locations. Players will also be able to collect and customise their own cars in their own personal garage to try and tweak their performance.


One of the key problems with racing games is that often unless you finish on the podium you get no reward the amount of time you’ve invested in a race, wiping out on that first hairpin can often be too difficult to recover from. To combat this the studio has taken the Driver Score system implemented in Need for Speed: Shift and applied it to World of Speed.

The Driver Score is increased by every action you take during the race, by performing combos, completing objectives and a variety of other actions that will still build up your score regardless of your final position meaning that players are still encouraged to stay in the race.

Secondly are the Team Based Objectives, here players need to co-operate with each other and complete mandatory mini goals in an event as they take on a specific role in the race. Similar to how groups in an MMO raid party have various roles, so too will players in the team based objectives where players will naturally gravitate towards being a Blocker, Drafter, Drifter or Wingman.

It is no longer a case of the first over the finish line being the winner, with these two systems in place it will take effort and skill to be declared the winner of the race.


One of the key elements of any racing game is what cars are available to drive, with a world of speed studio have made efforts to divide cars into a variety of categories such as Supercars, Retro Machines, American Muscle Cars and many more types to appeal to all audiences. Each car will have its own stats and specs and meticulously crafted visuals to look like it real-world counterpart. With licensing to use a number of branded manufacturers as opposed to generic no name copies players will be able to sit in the drivers’ seat of some of their favourite cars including the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, McLaren MP4-12C, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Pagani Huyara, with many more that have not been released on even more that will be added in the future.


players will be taken all across the world to race in some recreated classic cities and their key landmarks such as racing around the streets London with Big Ben in your rear view mirror, tearing up Moscow and zipping past the Kremlin, speeding the luxurious streets of Monaco and more. As well as these classic cities players will also be able to drive on some of the world’s most famous closed-circuit tracks such as Brands Hatch.


Even off the track players are able to work together and formed their own club, with full customisation of their own club logo, access to their very own club garage and social hub and they can compete against rival clubs in Territory Wars or simply showing off their cars.


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  1. Dumitrica Adrian June 29, 2015 at 7:26 PM -

    Hi guys , i played NFSW 3 years and now i wanna try this brand new game ! 🙂

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