World of Tanks Generals

GENRE: Free to play MMO Card Battle
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Wargaming


World of Tanks: Generals is the new turn-based collectable card Battle game from Wargaming with a World War II setting. The game will feature over 220 unique cards and can be accessed through your Internet browser for absolutely free. With a variety of game modes and features the game is an extremely tactical strategy that fits in well is a spin-off from the original World of Tanks game.


- 220 unique collectable cards each with their own strengths and weaknesses

- Pvp and pve game modes

- Linked up to players original world of tanks account

- Casual gameplay with hardcore strategy

- Accessible on the go through web browsers and mobile devices


As with any typical turn-based card game players will face each other one-on-one where each player takes in turns to play card from their built deck. Every card has its own unique stats and abilities that can be used in their own or in combination attacks to do the most damage against an opponent.

The main aim is to destroy the enemy players headquarters card, whilst simultaneously protecting your own (with other games of this genre you will typically be fighting against players are hero/champion). Cards are played into an arena and the opponent, if possible must try to block any attacks directly on their headquarters with ever shifting strategies.


With over 220 cards players will have plenty to choose from to build up their own decks and strategies. Cards include typical units such as tanks, infantry and artillery, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as special bonus cards that can give orders to troops and will increase their firepower or raise their defences to further add to the strategic options.

The cards are themed to match the for different nations that are available in the game: USA, France, Germany and USSR.


There are a variety of game modes available that should be suitable for players of various skill levels, from those new to the genre to more experienced players looking for a challenge. With a mix of tutorial missions and solo campaigns against AI opponents new players will have an easy transition into the game. Meanwhile veterans of this type of game can jump straight into player versus player matches and the historic campaigns.

There is also a more team oriented mode where players can be part of multiple tournaments and clan-based territory control of a global map.


As the game can be played through any browser, be that a PC, laptop or tablets it means players have complete mobility to play when and where they feel like it. Moreover players can switch between platforms using the same account and starting at a game on one platform before completing it on another.


Web Browser


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