F2PMeter: Is World of Tanks Generals Truly Free to Play?

F2PMeter: Is World of Tanks Generals Truly Free to Play?

In World of Tanks Generals players control their own army of troops and engage in a one v one battle against other players over a simple gridded battlefield in turn based strategic card based gameplay. Each player has a deck of cards and must manage their resources, place units on the field, manoeuvre them to outsmart their opponent and try to deal battle to the oppositions HQ. The theme stays with the World of Tanks WW2 style with players primarily controlling armored vehicles as their units of choice.

Free to play, the game is a lot of fun and is easy to access due to its browser and mobile device platforms, however, after putting it through the F2P Meter and asking a few question we’ll find out if the game is as free as Wargaming say it is!
Does the game require an initial purchase?


There is no purchase needed to play the game and it can be accessed for free through your web browser.
Does the game require a paid subscription?


Whilst you do not need a subscription to play WoT: Generals one is available to give account benefits such as XP and Credit boosts in game.
Does the game require spending money on DLC packs or expansions?


The game currently lacks expansions and DLC content.
Does the game support micro-transactions? Can anything be purchased in-game using real world money?

'Yes' takes away 5%

Players can buy Gold Bars using real world cash that will allow players to buy cards and Premium cards instead of building up in game credit currency, giving them easier access to cards for their deck.
Do any of the micro-transactions give players an advantages?

'Yes (but...)' takes away 10%

Being able to buy gold and then use it to acquire cards to build up their deck, including Premium Cards which can only bought with Gold Bars. Now whilst players can occasionally earn Gold Bars through playing matches, it can take a while to earn enough to actually buy some of these cards. Essentially purchasing Gold is a time saving device, perhaps leaning more towards being a necessity if players want quite a few Premium cards. Similarly the subscription give extra XP as well as Credits so players can once more acquire new cards far quicker than free to play players.
Is the user interface customization restricted to paid options?

'No (but...)' takes away 5%

There aren’t any options for customizing UI, however, players that subscribe get a unique background to the game.
Does the game give access to all available factions?


The game has three factions with their own unique cards, players are able to access them all for free.
Does the game require have limitations to how the Market system is accessed?


There is no player market feature in WoT: Generals.
Are personal inventory slots limited at all?


Players are not limited to the number of cards or credits they can own.
Are all missions accessible without purchases?


All missions can be played with free accounts.
Does the game restrict high endgame content?


The game lacks “end game content” so there are no restrictions in place.
Can the game be fully enjoyed without ever having to spend a ‘penny’?

'Yes' takes away 10%

Ultimately the game is fun regardless of the microtransaction mechanics, some players will always spend a ton on Gold Bars to bulk up their premium cards and have an OP deck, but unless competing at the top end then this isn’t a problem for most players. There are lots of cards needed to fill a deck and cards are drawn randomly during a match, so they might not always get their Premium cards in battle. Most people will probably not feel any detriment based on paid premium content.

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2 Comments - "F2PMeter: Is World of Tanks Generals Truly Free to Play?"

  1. zxcczzzz February 17, 2016 at 12:22 PM -

    BRAINLESS F2P meter , go ingame and buy golden pay to win ammo and one shot everyone, go and test before put this useless info, also you need more then year hardcore playing to level up one tank without pay to win stuff and subscription, its for pure nerds who cant win without pay to win cheats !

  2. Old Tanker February 17, 2016 at 5:41 PM -

    Lol, this article is not about World of Tanks 🙂

    Also seriously gold ammo do not make it that you one shot enything, it makes same damage as normal ammo. And can be bought also by f2p players. Your whining is mega awfull kind of brainlessness.

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