Winning Putt

Winning Putt


GENRE: Free to play MMO Golf Simulator


Winning Putt is a free to play golf MMO that takes traditional elements from golf games and adds an MMO spin to make it a more social game with thousands of players who can talk and interact with each other, play friendly games, join guilds and compete in cups and tournaments.


- Three available golfer classes
- Master your skills on the golf course
- Improve your skills
- Enhance your gear and equip yourself with boosts
- Various golf course maps and game modes
- Free to play


The game is a fun MMO focused golf simulator with a variety of game modes and courses to play across, like most golf games the mechanics are fairly traditional but the introduction of character classes, levelling up, quests and global chat adds the MMO element that most golf games lack.


The art of a good golfer is in the swing, Winning Putt uses a tried and tested mechanic using a power gauge for the backswing and an accuracy gauge for the downswing where precision and timing is needed. The power gauge is a long bar that players trigger their shot with the swing button and an arrow will move along the bar from the left to the right, when clicked again it sets the power of the shot you are about to take; the aim is to stop the arrow in a box at the end of the gauge for a 100% power shot, going over will overpower the shot, which in turns makes accuracy on the downstroke a lot tougher.

When the arrow reaches the end of the gauge it will start to automatically move back in the other direction towards a small line to the far left; players must stop the arrow on a line to get an accurate shot, stopping the line to the left or right of the line will pull the shot off in that direction, stopping too soon or too late can slice your shot; an overpowered shot also makes the arrow move much faster making it increasingly more difficult to stop on the line and get an accurate shot. When on the green players switch to a putter and do not need to worry about the accuracy, they will aim the shot with the mouse and focus on the power to tap it into the hole.


As well as the swing aim obviously plays an important role; from a drive off the tee, using a wedge to get out of the rough or a sand trap, players can take an aerial view of where their shot is going to land providing they get the power and accuracy right, but they must also check the wind direction and power and account for it.

When on the green aiming becomes more of a priority and the accuracy comes from the direction of the shot and being able to “read the green” to determine which way the slopes run, indicated by a grid that appears and dots moving along the lines to show the run of the gradient. If running to the left or right then players must aim in the other direction, if running towards the hole then the shot is downhill and requires less power, vice versa if the dots run towards the player they are putting up hill and will require more power behind their shot.


There’s a whole variety of gear items that players can earn through quests, purchase from store NPCs with money earned in game, or bought with real world cash through premium Platinum currency. Gear can come in the form of consumable items such as food which gives boosts, such as hard boiled eggs that will power up your next shot, or even purchasing Caddies to equip ad a boost for 20 minutes that will give extra XP and other benefits.

Clubs can be earned individually and players can choose which clubs to take into a match, they can be upgraded and come in a variety of qualities, which boost drive distance, accuracy and more.


OS: Windows 7 or higher
CPU: Multi-core Processor
HD Space: 3GB
Graphics Card: Geforce 86xx or Radeon HD 83xx


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