Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade


GENRE: Buy to play & Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows / Next Gen Consoles


Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade is a buy to play / free to play third person PvP focused MMORPG where players can choose from one of four different iconic factions from the Warhammer 40k universe as they engage in a brutal and ongoing war. Adapted from the original tabletop strategy game players will come face-to-face with the armies of the future that they know and love, fighting among their number or against them on the front lines of the battlefield in the 41st millennium.


- Set in the dark and gritty Warhammer 40k universe
- A four way faction based PVP MMO
- Iconic locations and factions
- Fully customisable classes
- Engaging in PVE content
- Buy to play with an optional Free to play model


The war known as the Eternal Crusade is fought between the four major factions of the 41st cap that, each of which fight against each other and bringing soldiers into their cause with one intent; to wipe the opposing races from existence.

Space Marines: these super soldiers have been genetically modified by the Emperor of mankind to bring death and destruction to his enemies and protect the Imperium.

Eldar: the mysterious race of beings that existed long before the birth of mankind have mastered psychic abilities and are a threat to the entire known universe.

Chaos Space Marines: those Marines that are fallen under corruption of the Warp have now turned their devotion against those they once served and seek to destroy the Imperium of Man.

Orks: the war focused green-skins want nothing more than to destroy all those that stand in their way


Each faction will have their own key classes to choose from, selected from the most infamous and deadly warriors that each has to offer, starting with a number of primary classes players can further customise them with talent abilities and gear.

Players are able to change their class and loadout each time they deployed to the field and so are not locked into one style of gameplay and can experiment and try a few different classes to see which they prefer. As well as all-out combat classes players can focus on healer combat medic roles and support classes.

Some classes have a particular resource cost that is associated with them if you wish to respond them, as well is hero classes that more experienced players can unlock, these unique classes are not always available to all players and so their appearance on the battlefield can surely change the course of a battle.

Players will be able to craft and modify their own items as well as customise both of them and their characters in general, changing their appearance, armour, accessories and more.


Players can utilise the vehicle mounted heavy weaponry fighting from a distance, then switching to long ranged projectiles and las-rifles as they slowly close the gap and clash in a wave of swords, steel and blood gruesome executions and critical wounds using such classic weapons as the chainsword!

Actual combat takes form is a third person shooter style game, lacking any auto attack systems or ability bars and players must actively manoeuvre and Dodge out of the way of attacks and incoming fire. As with the original tabletop system players will rely on positioning, manoeuvring, teamwork and cooperation when in battle and rely on their wargear items.


Players must determine which units they wish to bring to the battlefield and particularly how they wish to equip them, with various abilities and loadout is available for the various classes. Success in battle and player progression consists more around opening up more options to the player and their deployment choices as opposed to making them particularly stronger.


The game will primarily take place in an open world where the majority of combat will occur, instancing will be restricted mostly for PVP dungeons and hives that exist beneath the planet’s surface and are accessed from the open world area.

Whilst the game is mostly about the clash of the four main factions and PVP conflict players can contribute to the faction in other ways by actively engaging in the PVP content through the Underworlds and Hives systems.

Underworld – Here players can engage in procedurally generated instanced dungeons to slay the foul beings that dwell beneath and fight terrifying monsters, trying to head as deep into the underworld as possible.

Hives – In this mode players groups will drop into an alien Tyranid Hive and be forced to hold out as the horde rushes in to destroy them as wave after wave continues to assault the invaders.


That game will primarily focus on a Digital purchase model where players can buy a copy of the game online with a single fee, forgoing any subscription model, with cash shop options and future expansions available to purchase down the line. The game does have a free to play option that allows players to sign up as the Ork faction, though there will be certain progression elements that are locked off in comparison to premium accounts that play the Ork factions, but the world itself will still be fully accessible and players can purchase individual features using micro-transactions if they do not wish to purchase a full digital version of the game.


Operating System: 64-Bit (Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Mac OSX 10.9 / Steam OS)
Processor: Intel Corei5-750
Graphics: NVidia GTX660+
RAM: 8GB DDR3 Memory


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