Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes

Villagers & Heroes is a free to play fantasy-based MMORPG where players can explore a vast magical realm as one of four different classes and take part in various features and systems within the game to encourage achievement based gameplay, social mechanics and exciting action-based combat.


- Four different classes to choose from
- Own your own home
- Explore the involved crafting system
- Discover the secrets and treasures of the Elders
- Plenty of quest-based content for solo players and Guilds
- Completely free to play


The game offers a classic MMORPG gameplay with the use of quest orientated content that encourage players to fight enemies, tackle dungeons and gain XP to level up and unlock new abilities and skills. With a variety of other staple MMORPG features such as crafting, housing and dungeon raids the game offers a very familiar experience to those already used to the genre.


Each class in the game offers up its own unique gameplay style, abilities and tactics when in combat as well as individual gear and equipment that players can acquire and arm themselves with:

Warrior - with their high defensive abilities they are instrumental in absorbing damage from enemies using their high armour and health as a Defender specialisation, as well as offering close melee combat capabilities focusing on being a Swift Warrior and a variety of support skills to boost allies damage and defence

Wizard - with mastery of the elements the Wizard is a disciplined combatant able to summon scorching infernals as a Fire Wizard specialisation or focusing on mastering ice spells as an Ice Wizard who can freeze enemies in place as well as having abilities to replenish their own life force

Hunter - this protector of the forests uses their ranged bow and arrow weapons to strike from a distance either as an Assassin specialisation using stealth and the shadows or a Rapid Hunter specialisation improving their melee abilities they are damage dealers primarily that can offer a variety of buffs to their companions

Priest - ever on the knife’s edge trying to find balance many priests will find mastery as a Holy Priests focusing on restoration spells and providing aid to the allies whereas the Shadow Priest focuses on bringing death and destruction calling forth corruption in their enemies they can find a balance between support role and damage dealer


There are four unique Gathering skills and four Crafting skills/lines that players can choose to train up. Gathering revolves around Mining, Fishing, Plant Lore and Bug Lore, these gathering skills provide players with various resources and materials for the different Crafting skills, with each gathering skill providing something necessary for each craft. The Crafting Skills are Smithing, Woodcrafting, Cooking and Tailoring each of which can provide weapons, armour, clothes and other buff items such as food that can be used by all players.


Players can be the owners of their own virtual homes which give them four different areas to tend to; the Garden, Ranch, House and Village. The House is a customisable area where players can add different items which can offer up various benefits, the Ranch rely on the players skill in ranching where they must tend to and care for their animals so that they can harvest them for different items. The Garden allows its own to grow various crops and produce to use in Cooking or even food for your own pets, and the Village is a communal feature for various players to work together on different village projects.


Powerful ancient Titans once walked the realm and so too did the Legendary Four, players can seek out various treasures and artifacts to benefit them such as Elder Gear collected from various fragments in the possession of Elder Bosses that once restored provide powerful items for the player. This gear grants unique spells, abilities and feats that are only accessible through this acquired armour. There are over 25 Elder Bosses to track down and destroy, multiple bosses available for every level tier (for every 10 levels) to give players a constant challenge to work to.


O/S: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, iOS and Android
CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows, iOS and Android devices
DEVELOPER: Mad Otter Games


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