Vanguard: Saga of Heroes


Genre: Free to play fantasy MMORPG
Platforms: Windows
Developed By: Sigil Games Online


Taking place in the fantasy world of Telon, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes mixes adventure, magic, exploration and dynamic combat in a huge in-depth story arc. Travel the world atop your own Dragon as you discover the land designed by renowned fantasy artist Keith Parkinson in this huge MMORPG.

Key Features

-          A seamless world without boundaries where if you can see it then you can reach it

-          19 available races, from goblins to elves, each with hundreds of character customisation options

-          15 available classes: Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer and more

-          Build up a powerful combos in battle with explosive finishing moves

-          Collect numerous mounts, from horses to dragons or even sailed the seas aboard a mighty ocean vessel

-          Embrace your life as a crafter, diplomat or adventurer and play the way you want to

-          Create expensive items using a variety of crafting skills and sell them in your own shop

-          Claim some land as your own and build your very own house, decorating it to your own tastes


In this world ravaged by war the survivors struggle in their attempts to rebuild the great civilisations that once stood, forcing tentative alliances between the various races that make up the world as those invading forces look to capitalise on the weakened people. It is a desperate time where the call for heroes has been put forth; a call that you have answered.

Dynamic Combat

Using might or magic very few manage to travel the world of Telon as a hero without becoming embroiled in some form of conflict or battle. Equipping yourself with spells, armour, weapons and tactics you will face off against hundreds of enemies including ferocious monsters that will require a similarly like-minded group of heroes to take down.

Fill unique roles within a group taking on certain class specialties to tackle more dangerous challenges; but the greater the challenge the greater the reward.


A unique feature to the game comes in the form of a Brotherhood, a pact that can be formed with various players where XP is shared between them. Whether online or off-line, in the same group fighting the same monster or continents apart, XP is shared between all members of a Brotherhood. This unique feature allows friends to remain at a similar level, regardless of how much they get to play, so that when they are online the group is able to meet up and take on challenges that are within the entire Brotherhoods level.

 System Requirements

 OS: Win 7 / XP (SP2) / Visa
CPU: Pentium4+
Graphics: GeForce 7800 or equivalent
Sound: DirectX compatible
HDD: 20 GB
DirectX Version: 9.0c

Web: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes



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