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Twelve Sky 2

The sequel to the action packed 12 sky, this fast-paced MMORPG set in a fantasy themed version of an ancient China which focuses on intense faction versus faction combat. Players are able to select from three different classes per faction, customise their own skills, acquire new weapons and armour and ready their character for combat.

Adventure across this huge world fighting monsters either solo or with a group, take on challenging quests and track down dangerous bosses and claim their treasures as your own. The sequel to this thrilling franchise brings with it a new fourth faction, known as the Nangin, who are exclusive to higher level players and unavailable during character creation.

Key features

 -          Realistic and gruesome knockback and death animations against monsters

-          Fast-paced large scale pvp battles

-          Authentic weapons and a variety of unique gear items

-          In-depth armour and weapon enchanting system

-          Regularly added content


Levels range from level 1 up to 112 and on this journey players will face a number of difficult challenges as they learn the basics of the game at various stages and unlock new features e.g. joining a house, learning about social features such as adding new friends.

At level 112 players can then achieve Adept status, a separate feature that is levelled up separately from level 1 to 33. As an Adept a player is able to become a master to lower levelled players, access the mystical grounds, move to the sky clan, and try to run as the clan leader.

Once level 33 Adept has been attained players unlock the Deity levels which have been recently introduced, further demonstrating have dedicated a player is to their clan.

War types

There are three different types of War available in 12 Sky 2:

Hourly War - separated into twenty four brackets that are spread out through 157 levels, these wars are objective-based and are used primarily prepare players for the main war.

Dragon Fall - this occurs once every three hours where a clan was capture a formation, the victorious Alliance and clan are then granted permission to access a unique Mac where they are able to gain more XP.

Holy Stone Battle - this battle the main war against the four rival Chinese clans, each side goes head-to-head in a three hour epic PVP battle where they must capture one another’s stone and take the advantage of allowing their clan to become more powerful and stronger over time.

12 Sky 2 vs the original 12 Sky

While the majority of skills still retain the same functionality small differences can be found in all skills e.g. moving area attacks have now become stationary and the drop rate of lvl60 is much rarer. Primarily the changes are mostly cosmetic and the same single, multi and area hits for weapons are included but now have revamped animations.

Some other changes include an increased benefit when enchanting Uniques, which will now also glow. Similarly rare items also have new glows to them; 57%+ will glow green, over 60% will glow blow, 90%+ are purple. Also, upgrading and downgrading are now done by acquiring and using Jades (Purple/Red).

Genre: Free to play MMORPG

Platform: Windows

Developer: Aeria Games

 System Requirement

Operating System: Win 98 / Win 2000 / Win Vista / Win XP

Processor: Pentium3 800mhz

Memory: 512MB RAM

Hard Drive Space: 6GB

Graphics: Radeon 7600 or GeForce FX5200 64MB



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