Truck Nation

Truck Nation


GENRE: Free to play MMO
PLATFORM: Mobile Devices & Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Bright Future


Step into a world of global transport and strategy in this free to play online browser MMO where you run your own trucking company dealing with the day-to-day hassles of truckers, trucks and deliveries. Compete alongside other real-world players or work together with them in a bid to control territory and rise in the ranks to be the best truckers around.


Dozens of available trucks to choose from
Hundreds of wares and goods to transport
Hundreds of truckers to employ into your company
Each round lasts 12 weeks
Research technologies and upgrade your vehicles
Take on jobs taking you around real-world maps
Upgrade your depot for bonuses
Make or join an Association and work with other players
Earn Prestige or Victory
Free to play
Browser and Mobile platforms


As a seasoned trucker you know this world and the roads you’ve travelled like the back of your hand and have suffered demanding hours and demanding bosses working for the Corporation. Fired from your job you managed to cobble together some money and pull in some friends to start your own trucking company and must bring in cash to pay for your drivers, vehicles and buildings as you compete against the police, the Corporation and other rival companies.


The aim of the game is to make money and Prestige from completing jobs, acquiring cash and upgrading your buildings to increase your overall score that will help you work your way up the public leaderboard competing against other players as a solo individual. However, if joining up with other players and forming an Association with up to 24 other people then there is a bigger prize as Associations compete against the Corporation trying to monopolise territories across the map and players earn Victory points by controlling territory themselves. Each round in Truck Nation lasts exactly 12 weeks, giving a tangible victory, with two of those weeks being an exciting end game phase.


Including their own character each player gets access to 2 other drivers to start with, each of them with their own stats and skills that determine how well they drive and how likely they are to be able to spot trouble before they end up in it. Each driver demands their own salary and their skill can determine how long they can drive for and what kind of risks they are willing to take, they should be careful when taking risks though as drivers can also accrue points on their driving licence and too many points will lead to a driving ban.


Starting out with a beaten up old truck players will have to acquire Research Points to spend in their technology tree to unlock new makes and models, not only do they offer speed and efficiency but some trucks even allow drivers to transport unique goods. Within the tech tree each vehicle can have further technologies explored to make them faster, more fuel efficient, better acceleration and generally make them a more economically sound vehicle, though each upgrade must be individually purchased for each truck you buy.


Your company has its own piece of land with a few dilapidated buildings attached to it that players are able to upgrade one at a time (or two buildings at a time if they are on a Plus accounts), that will overall improve the benefits and output each building gives, such as:

Motel - Gives a constant stream of Prestige every six hours, the higher this building is upgraded the more Prestige players will earn

Amusement Arcade & Restaurant - These buildings give a constant income of dollars that can be spent on drivers, trucks and upgrades, increasing these buildings’ rank will increase the amount of money acquired from them

Laboratory - Generates research points to be spent in the technology tree, the higher the building rank the more points that are generated

Logistics Centre - Determines how many drivers a player is able to employ at any one time, a higher rank allows players to recruit more drivers to send out on jobs

Building Yard - This building reduces the time it takes to upgrade other buildings, the higher the upgrade here the quicker other buildings can be upgraded in future


Web Browser


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