Developer: Zemi Interactive
Platform: Client


Sequel of Travia: Advent of Chaos or Erabus, Travia2 is a free-to-play 2.5D fantasy-themed action MMORPG that incorporates key elements of both MMORPGs and action games, such as an upgrade and mount system, guilds, as well as action-packed combat, including faction wars. Players will join one of the two factions - Red Karvion or Blue Vestoraz - and pick one of four different classes to discover the fantasy world filled with goblins, ghosts and ghouls.


Ria, the god of all gods, overthrows his stepfather, Rahba, to become the most powerful god of all time. Meanwhile, Travia cunningly ambushes her brothers and sisters which in effect turned several animated objects into gods. But the most stunning of her creation was the God of Death called Deron who was born from the blood gushing from the wounds caused by the lance thrown by her grandfather Rahba, actually aiming at the Goddess of Earth, Tera.

Eventually Rahba dies as he was struck down by the Lance of Longinuk by Ria and the story of Travia unfolds…


- 2 rival factions & 4 different classes to choose from

- Action RPG gameplay in Diablo style

- Hack&slash style hunting experience

- Mass PvP warfare

- Story-telling party quests

- Intuitive controls

- Decent graphics

- Completely free-to-play


The game offers a selection of four different classes. At level 100, players will be able to promote their class to a totally different level.


Heavily armoured to protect themselves, Worriors make use of their destructive weapons to dominate their foes. They will be able to become Gladiators or Knights when reaching level 100.


Equipped with bow and arrows, Archers prefer to silently attack their enemies from afar. They may evolve to Rangers or Summoners at level 100.


Clerics have the ability to unleash holy magic from afar or heal allies with a touch. They will be able to turn themselves into Templars or Dark Priests at level 100.


Sorcerers have a mighty spell at their disposal that makes them nearly untouchable by anyone and everything. They may become Warlocks or Wizards when reaching level 100.


The main PvP content is made up of guild wars that are divided into village and castle wars. In Village War, various guilds will participate to take possession of the three crystals in the village. The guild that manages to take hold of all three crystals the longest within the preset time will win. As there are no limits for participation, every non-guild member will be a potential enemy.

Castle war is huge battle that involves the entire server. Usually, the castle holding guild will fight one-on-one with the village war winning guild. If there is no guild holding possession of the castle (during the very first castle war), then the guild with the highest point in the village war will win the castle.

In addition, it will still be possible to PvP between different factions. When forming the guild, the guild master will decide to whether place the guild in the Blue or Red Faction. Players of different factions will be able to fight against each other in normal fields.

In PvE, there’s party quest system and a field boss system. The later presents dedicated channels to support the system. In many cases, players will have to remember when the boss will spawn and gather as much players as possible to hunt the monsters.


Quests in Travia2 are designed to help players level up at a much faster pace. There will be one or two talk type quests for each level that can be done only once. In addition, players will be able to accept field dropped quests which are repeatable.

The core element of questing will be party quests which can only be undertaken by a party. These quests so up to five party members follow a certain scenario. The difficulty level is pretty high, and so will be the reward.


Created by the great wizard Kaya, Kaya’s Tower is a 100 story building that contains many dangers including monsters and traps to stop any trespassers. It was constructed to watch over the sealed demon Rachhu who sought to destroy the world so few hundred years ago but also a very powerful magical lance which can stop the demon Rachhu on the very top of the tower.


Minimum requirements

CPU: Pentium4 2.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 1.5GB or higher
Video card: Nvidia 6600 GT or higher (Memory Size: 256 MB)
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card

Recommended specifications

CPU: Pentium4 3.0GHz or higher
RAM: 2GB or higher
Video card: Nvidia 6600 GT or higher (Memory Size: 256 MB)
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card


One Comment - "Travia2"

  1. Johnathan September 29, 2014 at 1:17 PM -

    Old school MMORPG, bringing back the good old memories !! Game just started open beta and its easy to level and meet the majority in levels. Fast leveling!! Good gears dropping when you reach level 22 in Dark Forest.

    Easy to play, dominate dungeons and pvp without spending money.

    Thumbs Up

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