Toram Online

Toram Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Mobile (Android/iOS)
DEVELOPER: Asobimo Inc.


Toram Online is a magical 3D anime fantasy MMORPG where players can create their own unique character and help to battle back the forces of evil that threaten the world. With an extensive character creation system, simple combat, classless skill trees and a persistent world players can enjoy the game wherever they are as it available on mobile platform and is absolutely free.


- Four primary weapon skills
- Character cosmetic customization
- Persistent world with real time gameplay
- High quality 3D anime graphics
- Thousands of players to play with
- Story-focused questing
- Mobile platform
- Free to play


The core of the game is a traditional MMORPG focusing on questing and PVE battles, players can create and improve their own character, earning XP by completing content and working through various skill trees to make themselves more powerful in combat. The game is a sequel to the popular anime RPG Iruna Online, with improved graphics the game allows crafting and various other staple MMORPG features.


Players can create and play numerous characters, able to customize them in detail focusing on many different aspects such as skin tone, hair style and colour, eyes, height and gender with hundreds of cosmetic clothing items to further personalize themselves.


Players do not have to choose a class as they would in many traditional MMORPGs, instead players can improve a variety of weapon trees that will enable different playstyle and combat focuses. The four main weapon skills are:

Swords – typically used by front line warrior type melee fighters these combatants focus on vitality and strength stats to increase their tank role or overall power, depending on whether they focus on defensive single handed swords and shields or offensive two handed swords

Knuckles – using a huge gauntlet weapon known as “Knuckles” these melee brawlers are a general all-rounder with balanced offense and defense, allowing them to fill in most groups and handle themselves

Bows – Using both traditional bows and more powerful crossbows this ranged fighter prefers to stay on the backlines and taking out enemies with precious snipe attacks as opposed to endangering themselves on the front line

Staffs – Using a wooden staff and utilizing magic spells these fighters are more powerful but most physically fragile class with the lowers defenses, their spells take time to cast and can be interrupted making the Staff arguably the most difficult weapon to use

There are numerous other skills trees that focus on various areas of advancement to improve a character, include trees focused on buffing, survival and off-hand or secondary weapons.


Toram Online is heavily focused on questing and story content; players will constantly have quests to work towards that typically revolve around killing a number of creatures or monsters, collecting different items, finding certain NPCs and more. The game focuses mostly on telling a story like a classic RPG and so players will find themselves with a generally linear quest chain that doesn’t offer much deviation from the story; typically leading to a climactic boss battle.

Quests do not focus as much on filler style quests and instead focus on keeping things epic, further emphasized by the numerous cut-scenes and dynamic cinematics that push the story forward and make the quests seem far more immersive.

Boss battles are extremely difficult, typically a few levels above a player, and so grinding PVE content on random mobs is a generally needed so that players can gain XP to level up their preferred skill trees and collect resources and loots.


There are all types of materials that players can recover and use to improve their crafting professions, such as the Blacksmith tree or the Alchemy tree, which in turn will allow players to craft specific items to help them in their battles. A key resource players will look to recover is a rare Crysta drop, powerful gems that come in different rarities (as shown by the colour of the gem) that can be placed into any item of gear that has a socket in it, in doing so the player will increase their own stats to make them stronger in combat.


iOs or Android


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