TOME Immortal Arena


GENRE: Free to play MOBA


TOME Is an action packed free to play MOBA where players choose from Guardians belonging to one of six powerful domains as they go head-to-head in arena brawler based combat against competitive real-world players or challenging AI Guardians. Offering up a variety of classic MOBA -based gameplay there are a variety of maps, modes and characters to choose from within the game offering up different strategies and player tactics.


- 20 Guardians to choose from
- Three different game modes: Practice, PVP and Co-op
- Three map types (3v3, 5v5, 7v7)
- Master the Guardians of a particular domain to gain powerful blessings
- Earn Relics through PVP to customise your Guardian
- Free to play


TOME offers up a traditional MOBA gameplay with a twist where players are divided into two different teams pitted against each other on a single enclosed battle arena where the primary objective is to push past the opposing teams defences into their base and ultimately destroy their alter. Each teams’ alter will automatically spawn waves of non-player defenders known as minions that will continuously make their way towards the enemy base and can be used tactically by Allied players to help push down a lane or by the other team as a source of XP and in game currency to level up.

Every Guardian start out at level 1 at the beginning of the match and by acquiring kills and the respective XP gained from them players will be able to enhance their three primary abilities and eventually unlock their fourth “Ultimate”. Players will also be able to spend gold in the game to acquire items that will further improve their Guardian’s performance in battle.


In the game players choose from a variety of Guardians that fall into one of four classic roles:

Slayers - high damage dealing characters that are designed specifically to kill their enemies quickly

Tanks - strong and heavily defended they are ideal front line combatants soaking up damage and defending their companions

Tacticians - excellent support characters that can aid allies and hinder enemy players

Pushers - ideal for leading the attack by way of clearing out minions and taking down enemy defensive towers


There are three primary game modes that players can choose from including Practice mode where players can compete against their friends as well as AI bots as they try to learn the ropes before stepping into the main PVP arena.

PVP mode is the typical mode where players fill out the full ranks of both teams and players fight against each other in challenging action-based battles. Alternatively players can play in a Co-op game where the players only occupy one team and must work together to fight a team comprised of AI enemies.


With such a growing amount of competition in the MOBA genre, TOME tries to make itself different in a variety of ways including the fast and furious combat where most matches take up no more than 20 minutes due to mechanics such as item buying and healing in lane, so players do not need to constantly return to their base as well as shorter cool down timers on their powers and abilities. Also as players push down a lane and destroy enemy towers it will boost the strength of their own waves of minions, making pushing down a single lane a faster route to victory, though towers do regenerate their health pool the time.

Players can earn Relics in the game that they can equip prior to a match that will drastically change the way a particular Guardians powers work, offering up a level of unique customisation to appeal to players particular gameplay style, such as converting a healing ability into a damage dealing ability.

Players also have the ability to earn Blessings when they consistently play with Guardians from a particular realm domain (Death, Fire, Water, Earth, Creation or Air), where they will unlock specific tiers of Domain affinity to earn blessings from that particular God, that will also give them extra benefits that they can equip prior to a match.


O/S: Windows XP (SP3)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or better
RAM: 4096 MB
Video: Nvidia 8600 GTS or ATI HD 2600 XT (256MB or better)
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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