GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


Tibia has been an established MMO RPG for over a decade where over 500,000 players gathered together in the medieval world on the continent of Tibian. Explore a vast and exciting realm where as one of four different classes players can explore this dangerous continent and beyond. This retro pixel based MMO RPG is completely free to play with premium account access that enables extra features and game content.


- Play in a huge and expansive medieval fantasy world
- Players for different classes: the brave Knight, the dextrous Paladin, the shadowy Druid for the devastating Sorcerer
- 800 levels of gameplay
- Players can customise their own characters with weapons and gear
- Unlock new skills and train them up tackle your enemies with impressive spells
- Extensive library of monsters from massive earth elementals, pirate skeletons and undead Dragons!
- Full MMO features including questing, monster raids, Guilds and managed player killing
- Completely free to play premium account options


when players first great their character they have three different options of which type of world they wish to play in that revolve around different levels of PVP:

Optional PVP - players can only attack each other if they both agree on it and is the safest world types to play on for those who don’t like frequent PVP

Open PVP - here players are able to kill each other freely, although still accrue Skull Marks this will type is reserved for premium accounts only.

Hardcore PVP - similar to the Open PVP world here players cannot pass through each other unless in a protected area


Skull Marks are a skulls mark that a players receives when they attack someone who has not been engaging in PvP, giving them a skull under their name and making them open to be attacked by anyone (without themselves gaining a Skull Mark). This is first shown by a white skull, but there are different coloured skulls available with ever increasing consequences:

Red Skull - A player with a red skull mark has killed a lot of other players in a shorter period of time, racking them from anything between 24 hours and 30 days depending on how many people they have killed. If a player with a red skull is killed they drop all their items, even those items that are blessed and would not normally drop in PVE.

Black Skull – As above, but the player is unable to attack players who do not have a skull mark and take 100% damage instead of the normal 50% damage in PVP and suffer even worse consequences when dying.


There is an extremely extensive library of monsters and creatures that players will come across on their journey. Different creatures have their own hit points, mana and yield XP when they are killed as well as giving their own items and gold. On the official website players can find out details of all available creatures in the Library.


Spells can be purchased by players but also have a class and XP level requirement. Spells come in the form of attack spells, healing spells and support spells and cost an amount of mana to cast depending on how powerful the spell is. Some spells are reserved only for premium account users.


Players can unlock different achievements throughout the game, each achievement falling into a specific grade (1 – 4) and yield a number of points, which can be used to compare rankings between other players. Many of the achievements are from completing quests and performing difficult tasks in the game such as completing a world event. Many of the common achievements can be viewed on the website but in addition there are 154 achievements not listed that players need to unlock for themselves.


The Game Regularly Runs World Events That Players Can Take Part in That Will Unlock Unique Areas, Monsters and Give Special Rewards to Those Who Take Part. Some of These Quests Only Occur Once a Year so It’s Always Worth Keeping an Eye on the Website to See Which Upcoming World Events Will Be Happening.


the game is free to play but in purchasing a premium scroll that gives players access to a premium account for a temporary amount of time players are able to visit premium only areas, which yield unique rewards as well as using the Tibian transport system made up of ships and magic carpets for quick transport . There are unique mounts, spells and character promotions but premium players also been access to, off-line training where characters still advance even when the player is not online and many, many more features.


Operating System: Win XP (SP2+) / Vista / 7  or Linux
CPU: 500mhz or higher
Graphics: 3D Accelerator
DirectX Version: 5.0+ or Libc v.6.0 (Linux)



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