The Division

*Pay to play model

GAME TYPE: Online Third Person Shooter MMO
Platforms: Windows / Console
Developers: Ubisoft


In The Division players take the role of a crisis agent sent into New York City to handle the aftermath of a pandemic that has brought the city into chaos. This third person shooter plays like a typical console game as players work together strategically to fight off enemies but with MMO features and an in-depth RPG storyline. The game has stunning unparalleled graphics and its business model is still unknown.


-          Play in team based Co-op with other players and friends
-          PvE focused RPG type scenarios as you delve into the story
-          Fight against other players in exciting combat
-          The Snowdrop™ game engine delivers powerful physics and stunning visuals
-          Level up your character like an MMO and equip them with new skills
-          Tool your Division agent up with the latest equipment, gear and gadgets
-          Play through your tablet or smart phone to help allies in the game


A virus has swept across the city of New York and as basic services go off-line such as hospitals, police and even the military the city falls into chaos as everyday citizens start fighting to fend for themselves. To handle the situation a special unit of classified agents have been sent in to discover the truth behind the outbreak, manage and contain the source and survive against enemies from all sides.

Players take on the role as one such agent, trained specialists able to operate on their own and potentially the world’s only hope.


There are a whole host of skills available to players to personally customise their own character and give them special perks and abilities that will help them in a variety of situations, when working alongside other team members these skills can work in combination to make very powerful fire teams. Players will further customise themselves by equipping their agent’s “go-bag”, a bag that each agent has ready in the event of a crisis, with hundreds of weapons and items available players can uniquely customise themselves to their preferred place style.


Players are able to work together to either face off against other player teams or against the challenging AI scenarios, either way the key to survival is teamwork, Corporation and communication. Along with the various objectives players must accomplish they will uncover the wider story arc that the game revolves around, discovering it together as a team for more social-based gameplay. For further communication between each other players are even able to trade and chat with each one another within the game.


This next gen game engine allows for a new breed of immersive video games and pulls out all the stops creating unparalleled physics, lighting effects, day and night cycles and more to create stunning outdoor and indoor environments. The dynamic global illumination allows players to destroy lights that will instantly change the lighting effects on every object, even moving lights will make shadows move around. Similarly the procedural destruction allows players to destroy objects at a very detailed level, such as shooting out the windows of the car, shooting the petrol tank of a car to blowing up or simply shooting the tires out from a car at a whole new dynamic and realism.


For those players with access to tablets and smartphones they are able to jump into the game acting as a battle overseer where they can target enemy opponents and objectives with aerial strikes, rally their team together on a specific target to give them boosts and even drop supplies nearby for a team to try and get to. Players operating in this way are joining a real game with real players who see first-hand your actions.




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  1. Adam June 18, 2014 at 10:19 AM -

    Since when did they decide the division should be free you fucktards. Shut down this site, it sucks balls

  2. Free to play April 27, 2015 at 10:08 AM -

    Hi guys, we uploaded the game’s profile before the announcement of the commercial model 🙂

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