The Amazing Eternals

GENRE: Free to play FPS
DEVELOPER: Digital Extremes


A first person hero shooter meets card collecting game, The Amazing Eternals styles itself around classic 70s/80s pulp cinema and TV. In the game, players inhabit the bodies of different Eternals, each with their own abilities and play styles, and battle across various map environments from spaghetti westerns to classic science fiction. Each character has numerous cards that can be acquired and equipped to grant them different abilities in game, providing a unique element to the shooter genre.


- Various key characters to play as
- Collect ability cards and build a deck to arm your Eternal
- Multiple team based game modes
- Maps covering environments from multiple genres/themes
- Free to play


The core concept of the game is a hero first person shooter where players battle as a handful of different 70s pulp retro “Eternals” when the players are sucked into some magical board game. With multiple game modes players must not only master their FPS skills, but also their deck building strategy as their Eternals abilities and weapons are determined by their card loadout built before entering a match. With characters able to move around the 3D environments and some having vertical fly capabilities, the game offers a high level of skill and tactics.

As players level up they will advance their characters playing piece around the game board, unlocking new features and free cards as they advance.


There are various Eternals in the game, each with their own role to show their focus in team based battles, such as Assault, Tank and Control. Each character has cards unique to them that will determine their build in battle. Some of the Eternals are:

Niia – A resourceful huntress armed with a bow and arrow, she is a master tracker and marksman able to call upon the spirits of her ancestors and harness their powers

Ray – A classic 70s sci-fi astronaut, Raymond Windstone is a skill mechanic who is able to construct turrets in combat as well as use his suits jetpack to get around the environment

Bristle – A terror of folktales and myths that steals away children in the dark of night and feasts upon them, a creature manifested from primal fear this heavy Tank character hits hard

Each Eternal has two primary abilities with their own cooldown times. These abilities define the strategy and play style of the character, and the various cards will augment these primary abilities.


Players pick up card packs by advancing through the game, completing modes and quests, as well as earning currency to purchase card Booster Packs. A deck is made up of 12 cards that players will cycle through in battle, once a player has used all their cards then they will begin at the beginning of their deck again with their first card.

In the Deck builder players choose which of their unlocked cards they wish to equip, and what order they want to equip them. Cards are drawn in the same sequence when in battle, with three cards drawn at any one time. Each card has a timer that begins once the card is drawn, putting the specific ability or weapon on cooldown until the timer expires. Players must be mindful of these timers as if they pick too many powerful cards with longer timers, they might never cycle through their deck and get to use all their cards.


Champion Clash – Teams of 5 compete against each other in classic team death match racking up points for kills

Fragment Fight – An initial fight over a neutral objective, whoever wins the objective get the chance to siphon the enemy team’s fragment by standing on a point. The more allies on the point the quicker a team siphons it. If the enemy team successfully defends their fragment by keeping the attackers off the point then the roles are reverse. Battle continues until one team has lost all their fragments or until the time runs out.


Currently Unknown


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