Steel Legions

Steel Legions

Steel Legions, in this browser-based free to play MMORPG game, the players are in charge of their own mechanical combat vehicle in a twisted alternate reality where for mighty factions battle it out for territory, resources and ultimate domination. Visually stunning game with cutting edge 3-D graphics players can enjoy fast and furious PVP as they try to build up their mighty mechanical constructs.

PVP focused MMO with strong elements of “character“ development as you upgrade and enhance your own steam driven vehicle in the fight for your chosen faction.


In this alternate history where the world does not appear to have progressed beyond the industrial age and steel, oil and steam are the mainstay and height of technology and used to drive huge mechanical constructs. These mechanical colossuses are used by four largest factions to continuous the shift the power balance in a constant battle for resources and territory. It is a dangerous time and an even more dangerous place to live as the crews of these combat constructs fight off enemies and rivals and track down resources to continuously power their machines.

Playable Factions

The Tundran Warriors - close with nature, especially that of their homeland, this drive are adept at acquiring what they need even at others’ expense

The Phoenix Empire - in the frigid, high mountains to the east the greatest thinkers of this tribe are prepared to destroy their rivals in the hopes of their own survival

The Golden Territories - defending their rich, fruitful and prosperous lands the citizens and leadership of the Golden Territories will do what it takes to protect what they have

The Pandora Rebels - resources are scarce in Pandora’s wasteland and though no formal state exists here the rebels have banded together to create their own military presence

Balanced PvP

The simple and casual control systems are paired up with an automated balancing feature when encountering new enemies so that players can enjoy their experiences without feeling under skilled, underpowered or too new to the game to be competitive.

Premium Currency

Players are able to purchase gold coins with real-world money, a premium currency that can be spent in game to buy helpful tools and powerful items to aid them in their journey.

System Requirement

Internet Browser and Java


Free to play Browser MMORPG


Windows and Internet Browser


Splitscreen Studios


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