Star Wars: The Old Republic






A free to play MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is the epic MMO takes place more than 3,500 years before films and the rule of Darth Vader and is set right after the greatest threat the Galaxy has ever known finally returns from its exile: the Sith Empire. Upon their return and the destruction of the planetary metropolis of Coruscant the Galaxy has found an uneasy peace, as a member of one of these mighty factions skirmishes and proxy wars are slowly beginning to break out across the Galaxy on a handful of worlds important to both sides, and once more war is on the horizon and threatens to consume the hundreds of star systems and its inhabitants.

Play as one of the available eight classes in this story-driven epic that puts you as the hero of your own story as you travel the stars in your own spaceship, gather companions to join your crew, and prepare for the battle to come. Visit renowned planets from the established lore seen in the movies and games, and also a few that have only ever been briefly mentioned but have now been fully fleshed out; each with their own story-arc and importance to each faction. Visit the icy planes of Hoth, the scorching deserts of the Tuskan infested Tatooine, or the mystical and enchanting world of Illum and unlock its secret history.


-       Free to play all story-content to level 50

-       Eight unique classes and Nine different races

-       Fully voiced story-driven epic where your choices define what happens next

-       18 different planets, some unique and accessible only to your chosen faction

-       Intense PvP warzones and open world PvP

-       Raid PvE and Planet Bosses

-       Crafting System to create armor, weapons and lightsabers!

-       Involved companion system where you can gather and train up your own crewmates

-       Exclusive subscriber features can be unlocked with real world cash to tailor your preferred features


Each faction has four classes unique to it, though in many ways they are somewhat mirrored by an enemy factions counterpart. Each class can be specialized and talents invested for further customization.

Sith Warriors and Jedi Knight: Relying on their prowess with the lightsaber over mastery of force powers. The Sith Warrior relies on true aggression to fuel his rage and powerful attacks, a contrast to the calm and collected Jedi Knight who relies on skill and focus over battle zeal.

Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular: Powerful Force users, manipulating the force to their own will and able to heal both themselves and allies. The Jedi Consular relies on manipulating the telekinetic aspects of the force and moving objects with their mind, whereas the Inquisitor is a master of the dark arts and commands lightning to burst from their fingers.

Bounty Hunter and Trooper: Heavily armored and a number of gadgets and powerful explosives at their command. These two can stand on the frontlines and take the brunt of battle damage whilst unleashing devastating attacks on their enemies.

Imperial Agent and Smuggler: Relying on sneakiness and subterfuge, the Imperial Agent is armed with all the gadgets and expensive weaponry the Empire can provide. The Smuggler is more self-serving, whilst an Agent may use stealth to improve his chances, the Smuggler can happily rely on his own deception to deliver a quick low blow to an enemy.


Whilst playing the games content players will come across a number of characters who will with to join their crew, each with their own story-arc, goals and reasons for joining your side. More than just a story tool, Companions will take on the role of a different class to your own in combat to offer help during PvE, but can also be sent on various resource gathering missions as well as be a source of quest XP and rewards for progressing their stories. Fully customizable with their own gear, including appearance vanity items, each player gains a number of different companions as they progress to new planets within the game.


Instanced areas where the skirmishes between Republic and Sith Empire have broken out, leading to semi-story driven objective based PvP battles where eight player teams will fight against their enemy whilst trying to complete their mission. Strategy and tactics are needed to work together as a group against your opponents in the different Warzone arenas until there is a clear victor and the battle is over, each involved player gaining rewards and XP.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a free-to-play game but has its own in game currency that players can purchase with real world cash, in doing so they can buy unique items from the in-game shop known as the “Cartel Market”. Here players can buy a number of gear items, cosmetics, consumables and boosts, as well as unlocking various game features if on a F2P account, such as more player slots. Whilst a subscription to the game unlocks all items, this method enables players to tailor their account and game experience to their own preferences, only paying for features they actually want to play.


-       Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later

-       AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better

-       Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or better

-       Windows XP: 1.5GB RAM

-       Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB RAM


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