GENRE: Free to play MMORTS
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: 37games


Siegelord is a browser-based MMO set in a world of mediaeval fantasy where upon a war-torn continent three mighty empires fight amongst themselves in a war of resources, territory and complete domination. As a Lord in one of these factions players are tasked with forging their own army and fighting alongside their allies to destroy their common enemy. With exciting real-time combat and in-depth strategy Siegelord is a feature packed MMO that is completely free to play.


- Three factions to align yourself with
- Recruit tactical Generals to lead your forces
- Build up and upgrade your city and its resources
- Fight for territory across different landscapes
- Tactical real-time combat
- Completely free to play
- Browser-based gameplay


The core gameplay in Siegelord consists of building your own city, acquiring resources through it and raising up an army on matched in power and strength to destroy your enemies. By recruiting Generals players will be able to march upon enemy territories and claim them for themselves and for their faction. In strategic real time battles players are able to attack and counter-attack their opponents and use all manner of tactics and strategy to outthink them, outsmart them and outmanoeuvre them. The game focuses on acquiring currency to purchase various items within the game as well as acquiring XP to level up and make your Lord and their respective holdings stronger whilst unlocking more in game features.


In the game players must choose one of the three rival factions to fight for:

Kingdom of Albion - a prosperous and growing nation that has built its fortune on the many sea ports that line its coasts, Lords that swear fealty to this faction are able to acquire more items from the Market

Empire of Gorm - once unmatched both economically and militarily, Gorm weakened itself when it attacked Albion who was stronger than it originally anticipated, Lords that swear fealty to this faction have much shorter cooldowns when they refresh the Shop

Nord’s Alliance - the clans of the North may be seen as savages to the southern folk but they are a people that have endured the harshest of environments, which has only made them stronger, Lords that swear fealty to this faction have shorter cooldowns when trading on the Black Market as well as receiving more resources


When an enemy General is defeated in battle then with enough coin they can be purchased and recruited to your own side to help lead your troops into battle. Generals offer an extra element of strategy in that they have key abilities that allow your troops to perform better in battle such as having bonuses for engaging in combat on a specific terrain type or when conducting a particular type of attack such as a Siege manoeuvre.

Generals can also be equipped with all manner of gear, from armour, weapons, boots, gauntlets, rings and mounts, each piece of equipment will bolster the General who in turn will improve the quality of the troops that they command. Each type of an item can come in various qualities ranging from white/common items through to blue, yellow, red and finally purple items which are the rarest and highest quality; though any item of yellow quality and beyond has extra skills attached to the item for a Generals use.


Players will initially begin the game by working their way through the PVE Campaign, giving them a taste of the game’s mechanics, access to their first initial territories and also helping them recruit their first Generals.


Once players have surpassed the PvE campaign they are able to engage in a war between other player Lords, here thousands of players battle it out on a single persistent map fighting each other for control of territory. Using strategy and tactics players can work alongside their friends and faction mates to dominate the enemy and try to take over their territory and resources, simultaneously climbing their way up the player rankings those who are most dominant in PVP may even one day attain the title of King.


Web Browser


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