Siege Online

Developer: Gamezand, LLC.
Platform: Windows


Siege Online is free-to-play 3D MMO that combines role-playing elements with real-time strategy. Players will be thrown into a medieval world torn apart by civil wars. Taking over the role of a lord, they will build their own castles and battle massive armies while navigating a complex economy. They will wage epic battles to conquer the land with bold tactics and a unique combat system.


- Personal castle development
- Complex economy
- Unique strategic battle system
- Real-time combat
- PvP zones
- Intricate guild system


Players have 100 different buildings at their disposal to construct their own castle, most of which can be upgraded.
The Building Rating (SR) indicates how complete a player’s castle is. It is calculated as the sum of the construction of all buildings minus any type of level fortification. Each base building unit adds one point to the rating.
Building rating, among other requirements, determines the use of certain types of troops. Requirements for the production of troops are defined as the sum of ratings for all buildings necessary for the construction of a specific unit.


Including crafting, trading, mining, hunting and herb gathering, the in-game economic system strongly evokes that of the real-world. Players need to be quite shrewd to prosper.


Setting up massive armies of dozens of specialized units, players are able to engage in epic battles that are fought in real-time. The game offers PvP zones that allow for PvP battles, raids against rival orders, alliances and diplomacy. Not only do players have to build their own town, they also have to defend it.
Combat rules in Siege Online are simple but the number of tactics players are able to employ are infinite. Success in battle strongly depends on in-depth preliminary planning as well as the ability to make the right decisions in tough situations on the battlefield. Brute force and fast-clicking alone won’t be enough to win.


When building their armies, players have recourse to a variety of specialised troops that are gradually unlocked when their castle development reaches specific stages.

- Hunters
- Archers
- Arbalests
- Pirobaletchiki

Light Infantry
- Peasants
- Militias
- Swordsmen
- Slayers
- Shturmritery

Heavy Infantry
- Spearmen
- Ironclad
- Kampfers
- Guardians

- Ballista I
- Ballista II
- Ballista III
- Girobalista

- Catapult
- Tormentum
- Onager
- Gonnel


The game’s well-developed guild system allows players to form and join guilds. This will grant them several benefits such as their own guild hub, as sufficiently strong guilds can capture land and build their own town.




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