Shards of the Dreams

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developed By: Ambergames


in this browser-based, free to play MMO RPG players will recognise a very Diablo-esq isometric viewpoint in this dungeon crawling campaign which can be played solo or with up to five players in a group. With a whole host of MMO features such as questing, in game mail, talent trees, unique skills and abilities, trade, auctions, item crafting, arena PVP, reputation system, factions, resource gathering and the possibility to group with players and form clans.

Key Features

-          Completely free to play fantasy RPG

-          Original gameplay and game engine

-          Based on a server-client architecture

-          Low system requirements

-          Two different factions and eight classes to choose from

-          A number of different races

-          Form groups with other players to kill stronger monsters

-          Over 200 challenging and exciting quests

-          A vast game world to explore

-          Form your own clan

-          Engage in arena PVP


As you walk cautiously into the chamber you take a glance around you at the crumbling walls of this old ruin, but at its heart stand an altar that seems untouched by the decay that surrounds it. Upon its unblemished surface you can still clearly make out the pictures and marked runes that hold a clue to the mystery that is unfolding here, upon a closer inspection you notice that these markings form some kind of pattern. It is with sudden realisation that you now know how you can get inside the dungeon and uncover its secrets, long undiscovered mysteries that await you of the Shards of the Dreams…


Beginning with a basic tutorial mode that will take you up to level 2 and into the starting zone of the wonderful Valley of Mists, a sandbox area where players can put the information learned in the tutorial into practice.

At level 10 after completing a specific quest chain players are able to choose their faction and enter that factions territory: the Great Empire or the Grey Wasteland, both of which are physically separate from each other. Each faction holds unique quests and tasks for their members and from here players can head to more neutral zones which are accessible by both factions and other main open PVE and PVP zones.

Online Store

Players can purchase a variety of new items and features using real money in the online store including:

 -          Temporary parameter buffs

-          Instant revivals

-          Clan creation and upgrades

-          Purchasing in game currency

-          Purchasing new weapons, armour and gear as well as upgrades

-          Original avatars

-          New gameplay features

 System Requirement

Web Browser





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