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A free to play online browser game Shadowland Online is a combination of real history, fantasy and strategy empire building where players are able to raise and manage their own nation, build and expand.


Tasked with reclaiming the Shadowlands of God’s continent from the dark forces that have spread across it, using a captured on the gate from where this evil has emerged you must seek the aid of the heroes of age is long past.

Main Features

Real History Meets Fantasy - set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity battles and endless war against Ossanal, the dark lich, and at the on dead that he commands Shadowlands is a world where holy magic combats dark evil in a fight over Gods Continent.

Heroes of Legend – well known legends from our own history, the likes of Genghis Khan, King Arthur and King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans in Thermopylae will not aid you in the unwitting invasion of their lands by your hand.

Space-time Travel - with the creation of the gate of ages by the wizards of your kingdom, a portal that enables you to travel to other ages, you are tasked in recruiting the legends of old from both Eastern and Western culture as well as find a lost St Eloi gem fragment to give further power to your army.

Alliances - a useful system that enables collective resources reserves, technology advancements, ranked management, the wage system and your own customisable emblems.

Ever Changing Ecosystem - as you expand your empire through conquest and exploration, travelling from region to region, new and exciting dynamic ecosystems will be discovered including previously on scene castles, alliances, enemies and dead.


Empire of the Nobles - privileged nobility living in the broken age of the dark lich, the nobilis are descended from those who were once the protectors of the ancient kingdom of Saros that generations ago unified the ancient world and continue to defend them now.

Mercenary Cooperative - their homelands ransacked and destroyed by the on dead plague the mercenary is lead a nomadic lifestyle, though their homes were brought to ruin their hearts still remain true as does their desire for revenge.

Tribal Union - working in tandem with nature of those people known as Tribals are fearsome warriors who see no greater glory than that which can be earned in battle. Using the dark magic in their practices they do so responsibly with restraint and morality.

Premium Currency

the premium currency of Shadow lands are known as diamonds, which can be used in many ways to quicken gameplay either by lowering build times and cooldown timers, acquiring a rare items during expeditions and for multiple training spots. Diamonds can only be acquired by purchasing them with real money, and by selling items in the in game auction house.


System Requirements

Internet browser


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