Rodinia War

Rodinia War



GENRE: Free to play MMORPG / Base-Empire Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Rodinia War transports players into a fantasy realm where they find themselves the Lords of their own fledgling city, tasked with asserting their dominance on the continent of Rodinia they will compete with other players for territory, resources and glory. The game offers a unique blend of Empire building strategy and classic 3-D MMORPG, all available to play for free in various web browsers.


- Build up your Empire in classic strategy gameplay
- Control your Knights with traditional MMORPG content
- Acquire resources and construct buildings within your cities
- Train and field a mighty army to defend your territory and destroy your rivals
- Fight against other real-world players for domination
- Trade with allies on the Market to exchange resources
- Completely free to play
- Browser gameplay


The game focuses on strategic PVP combat where players will build their own kingdoms and attempt to take control of the Continent, ruling as many territories as possible and acquiring points to work their way up the games public leaderboard. The strategy based content focuses on building up the Empire and assembling armies to attack other players whereas the MMORPG element focuses on controlling a Knight to engage in various quests.


Any good Lord should be able to successfully manage their time and resources, actions in the game can take minutes and even hours to complete such as sending troops to attack a distance city means it can take hours for them to travel to their targets and then back again, during this time these units are unavailable to defend your city against invasions. Resource play a major role in the game, require for constructing buildings and training units they are the lifeblood of a City and Empire, Lords can acquire them through quests, production buildings, trading on the Market or attacking their enemies and pillaging their resources for themselves.


One of the fundamental aspects of the game is to be able to successfully manage your own city, typically spent constructing buildings and upgrading them as well as look the troops that will fill your armies’ ranks. There are a variety of buildings that players must construct and improve to get increased benefits:

Town Hall - this building allows players to erect buildings and by upgrading it reduces the time it takes to upgrade them

Knight Mansion - This building allows players to hire their own Knights to join their cause that they are able to control as leaders and adventurers

Resource Production - there are a variety of buildings available such as Lumber Camps, Iron Mines, Quarries and Farms to acquire base resources that can be further refined with a Sawmill, Masonry, Smelter and Flour Mill; the higher the rank of these types of buildings the more resources produced over time

Storage - players will need to store their items and resources in various warehouses, including a Secret Storage that can ensure a portion of the player’s resources cannot be pillaged if their city is attacked

Troop Building - there are numerous buildings required to train up different units such as the Barracks for different infantry, Stables for various mounted units, Illusion Tower to train up Wizards and the Workshop to construct siege weapons


With the right buildings players are able to train various troops as part of their larger army such as:

Scouts - able to explore an enemy’s territory they are fast and agile but lack any weapons, focusing more on alerting players to threats that they may face

Spearmen - a classic infantry Troop that serves as a solid defender particularly against Cavalrymen units

Wizards -these powerful troops are particularly deadly against Heavy Cavalry, their spells able to penetrate even the strongest armour

Catapults - ideal units constructed in the workshop that can hurl a huge rocks over enemy walls to destroy buildings within the city


Knights primarily play two different roles depending on whether they are utilised in the City Management strategy portion of the game or in the MMORPG element. In the Strategy they can be used to buff troops or cities in general to improve their production, whereas in the MMORPG players control a Knight directly able to move them around a 3-D world taking on quests and fighting against enemies in classic MMORPG combat using a variety of skills that can be upgraded with numerous talent points.


Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari


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