Revelation Online

Revelation Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


Revelation Online is a fantasy-themed free to play MMORPG that takes players to a realm of magic in which, as heroes, they’ll have to fight the rising evil. It features many staples of the MMORPG genre: PVE (Dungeons, Raids), PVP (guild wars, mass combat, battlegrounds), questing, crafting and more, adding its own unique spin on various mechanics.


- Six player classes
- Earn wings and learn to fly
- Open world exploration
- Dungeons and 20 man Raids
- Multiple PVP features
- Crafting


The game focuses on a very traditional theme park style MMORPG experience, with a primarily linear questline that players will work through as they level up, they will gain access to new features along the way and access to greater challenges. Players will be able to choose from three main combat controls; “Lock on Target” which allows players to tab-target to the closest enemy, “Click-to-Move” which allows both movement and target selection with the mouse, and “Free Aiming” which focuses on WASD controls and mouse aiming to ensure your targets hit requiring more skill, but providing much more versatility in combat.


Players can choose from 6 customizable classes:

Swordmage – With melee and ranged attacks this combatant has learned how to harness the elements and convert them into powerful spells

Spiritshaper – Communing with nature the Spiritshaper can summon the spirits of the animals of the wild to use in combat, as well as being able to heal up their allies and creature companions

Gunslinger – Whether armed with a sniper rifle or huge missile launching cannon, this ranged DPS packs a punch whilst staying at a safe distance

Vanguard – Heavily armored this martial fighter has high endurance and physicality, as well as coming equipped with some of the strongest armor in the game, making them ideal front-liners

Occultist – Using shadowy dark energy their vampiric style abilities can drain an opponent of their lifeforce and combine it into their own, a caster and off-healer they are a deadly caster

Blademaster – Armed with multiple swords this acrobatic warrior charges into battle with a flurry of attacks, slicing and dicing their enemies and leaping around the battlefield


Players will have an extensive story focused quest experience with the PVE elements of the game, with detailed narrative elements, in depth lore and cinematic cut scenes players will feel they are central to a huge epic storyline. Whether questing in the open world or entering 5 to 10 man Dungeons or even 20-man Raids, players will experience thrilling and challenging combat against enemies performing fast paced attacks that require player skill to dodge.


There are numerous PVP elements in the game to keep PvP focused players happy, ranging from standard Battlegrounds with various objective focused game modes, mass-scale battles with thousands of players fighting for a stronghold, optional open world PVP (with a PK penalty system) and guild warring with cross-server elements to bring everyone in the game together.


At later levels players will have full access to their own customizable wings, where in many Asian themed RPGs these wings are just cosmetic, in Revelation Online they will allow your character to take flight and sore through the skies. Unlock new flight skills and even engage in aerial combat with PVE enemies and players, adding a whole new dynamic to ground-to-air combat.


When reaching level 40 players have the option to purchase their own private property which they can then fully decorate with over 160 furniture items. The apartments themselves are instances found at the inn at the rear of the giant turtle, the lounge area of the inn acting as a social hub for people to meet and chat and even invite each other back into their private apartments with the ability to interact with many of the furnishings. Each apartment owner has 5 keys that they can give to friends, allowing them to have free access themselves.


Minimum O/S: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-core 2.4GHz Processor
Video: GeForce 9500GT / GT610 or Intel HD4000


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  1. Ray September 21, 2017 at 6:23 PM -

    This is nothing but an out right Cash Grab pure and simplke. There’s been NO fixing of game bugs/issues, in fact after CBT2 the number of bugs kept growing even worse. If you even mention bugs/errors on the forums they ban you for “Fear Mongering”.
    Players have never been re-reimbursed for failed cash purchase transactions even after they’ve been charged for. Don’t expect to ever hear from game/account or technical support after you submit a ticket.
    The developers are more interested in dumping flashy content while NOT fixing the games basic errors that keep plaguing players since CBT1.
    Spend the $9 (US/NA) and get BDO instead

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